My girlfriend and I are gonna be part of the asshole Lions Posse at the Raven's game!

14th row. Damn near a grand. Goddamn they better win and I want 100 yards from Jamo!!!



For your sake, brother, I do hope they put on a show you’ll never forget!


I hate Baltimore. And I say that having lived there for 3 years, my oldest being born there, and meeting my wife there.

if you want good barbecue go to chaps. Was on Drive-ins, Diners and Dives. It’s the best.


I’ve seen the triple D show on Chaps Beef a few times…
and they even went back a 2nd time!!!

That looks like some amazing barbecue…

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No anal

Remember, sore winners (and losers) kind of suck.

But more importantly, have fun!


I think I need an angioplasty just from looking at the photo. I’m sure it’s no doubt delicious but damn there’s some serious LDLs on that hoagie.

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I’m going to Harrisonburg VA in a couple weeks.

They have way better food


LOL, tho I’m drunk. We need a place for diner, so I might take that into mind.

Sorry brah

No, at a grand, she’s doing anal

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When we lived there friends woudl want to go there for dinner and then brunch thr next morning. It was always hilarious going there for sunday brunch and the line is out the door w people in their sunday best after services and chaps shares a parking lot w a strip club and across from 3 adult movie stores…

My son and I will be cheering our Lions on to victory In Baltimore as well.

He”ll be rocking a #16 while I’ll be representing with a #9. As you can see, my jersey buying days might be over haha.

Chaps is indeed great, and if you like seafood LP Steamers gets it done right.

Will we hear “Let’s Go Lions” chants this week? Sure hope so. Go Lions!

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I can’t think of the name of it in Seattle, but I’ve been to Steamers and the other one I don’t feel like looking up.

Point being, both are outstanding and I think Seattle is a hair better because obviously they’re right there so it’s a touch fresher. But Steamers is damn, damn close.

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Well said brother

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looks delicious…. just double up on the Lipitor for a week.
Max dose is 80mg per day…. and if the LDL goes up…
there is also Leqvio now!

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Personally if I’m wanting to clog arteries I take the Italian approach.



For a grand win or lose you should at least get a BJ, us married guys think that is a win!

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3500 a dose though

Get them trigs down, thats the key, trig to hdl ratio 2 or less

There’s going to be some babies made after this game.
giphy (9)

Tumeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Beet root, Cranberry fruit, capsules. Every day.
Just saw a video of researcher testifying at the WHO, “do you know which chemicals are good for you? None! Not a single one!”

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