My Ideal draft 3 rds

After exhaustive research, here are my perfect picks
RD1- Devin White- This dude is amazing
RD2- Noah Fant or Chris Lindstrom OG
RD3- Amani Hooker Safety

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So who plays across from Slay? Lawson at CB2 and Agnew in the slot? Even if you are happy with that arrangement, there’s ZERO depth behind those guys. Unless we pick up someone in free agency, CB is still a bigger need to me than DE or LB.

My only thing is the Iowa slant to that draft, eeeewwwwwwwwv. And, you’re are correct about CB2, but I could live with Lawson if I had to.
Our three worst units were TE, WR and LB. For what my opinion is worth.

I would get a CB in free agency for sure.
DE as well

Even if you pick a CB, they’re going to suck as rookies. You need FA and Lawson.

Draft is for future and you need to get best value that you can get.

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Ricky, I woulda gone for a WR instead of a Safety in the 3rd. Or an CB. Plus RB in the 4th. To me, Safety is not the big need that the other positions are.

After the combine results today think8ng there’s probably a snowballs chance in hell that Fant makes it to the 2nd rd. He’s an athletic freak…4.5 40 at 249 lbs with jumping power like that and sure hands…he might even be better long term than Hockenson.

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