My offseason makeover

First, re-sign these Lions FA’s.
Reeves Maybin
Raymond and just about every street CB that played for us during the season.

FA’s…The caveat here has to be money, period. If it costs more to bring players here, esp a WR, then you have to move on not from the position but from the player.
WR…Gallup, eh, maybe but it’s not just “AN” injury, he only played in 9 games last season.
WR…Robinson but I doubt the money works.
WR…honestly, I think a trade might be the best option. Anyway, I would really like to see us get some help and I’m pretty stuck at the moment as to what our best option would be.

TE…Eric Saubert. He was the 5th best pass blocking TE in the NFL according to PFF and the 6th best run blocker. He is 27 and will likely cost less then 2mil a year. Thanks detroit1811, had no idea he was playing this well.

Safety…Marcus Williams unless Diggs wants to come back on a deal. Xavier Woods is a possibility too. Depth is likely to come from players who are special teams players.

QB… Mitch or bring back Blough.


  1. Hutch or Tbeaux
  2. Treylon Burks Even though I like this draft for WR’s and a player can be found later. I’m not optimistic about FA and think we just need to pull the trigger.
  3. Jacquan Brisker
  4. Chad Muma
  5. Thayer Munford OT but I think moving him inside to OG is where he plays.
  6. Zachary Carter DT Can play inside or outside.
  7. Jelani Woods TE 6’7" 275 and caught 44 for 598 and 8 TD’s.
  8. Jerreth Sterns WR 150 for 1,902 and 17 TD’s…this year.
  9. Riley Moss CB Coaches and Media 1st Team All Big 10

Cole Kelley QB, WR’s and DB’s.

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Stay AWAY from Thayer Munford.

ESPECIALLY as a guard.

The reason Ohio State couldn’t run the ball was because they had 4 OT’s on the field at all times. He can’t be a typical run blocking guard like a Big V can and it showed all season.

Even as a tackle I don’t think his upside is high at all.


He was first team Big 10 coaches and media and wouldn’t be coming here to start.

I would be good with the majority of what you had here. The biggest issue I notice is not adding a little more to beef up the D-Line. Whether the draft or FA, we need better play at 3-4 DE. I love all four of the first four draft picks, but I honestly don’t know much about the rest. Think everyone here already knows my infatuation with signing Marcus Williams. As far as trading for a WR, the most cost effective option is probably Brandin Cooks if we want someone established. My guess is he could be had for our comp 3rd.

I think this would be a fine offseason. I would have gone with different players in some spots but that’s just a difference in evaluation, and to each his own.

We just need to be aware that almost no NFL team fixes all of their issues in one offseason, unless they’ve already got stacked rosters. Every team is forced to come up with short-term solutions or take chances on unproven guys in some spots, that’s just the nature of the salary cap.

It’s like what we did at WR last year. We tried to hit on the cheap veteran route with Perriman and Williams, that didn’t work out. The hit on an unproven guy, St. Brown, makes up for it somewhat but it’s still a definite need going into next season, which is fine. We can address it now. But there will always be some areas where you have to skimp.

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This is why I like Carter, and I think SI is a bit over their ski’s but in general this would be a great add.

Because he was an 11th year senior who for a long time was the starting left tackle at Ohio State.

I personally wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole if I was the Lions.

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I see, longevity is how you get those accolades, play has nothing to do with it. Good to know.

So you want to give rd 3 pick an pay over 16 mil for cooks an if you dump him your stuck with 5 million more an the whole deal is for one year.
No No No he cost to much for one year even if its a 7th rd i am sure they would let him go for a 3rd. Nothing about his ability bad $ deal

We need a new kicker.

A trade would have to involve some type of extensions. The guy just produces no matter what he has to deal with and has a successful history with Goff.

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I don’t think Drake London, Wilson or Burks makes it to our Rams 1st rd pick. It will be interesting to see just which WR falls to that pick


I think you are absolutely right. And I’d probably add Jameson Williams to that list as well. If one of those guys is available I could see the Lions pulling the trigger. I don’t think they spend a 1st on a WR out of that second group of guys. It’s too big of a group to me and I think Holmes will recognize that and draft a position he won’t be able to get close to, talent wise, later in the draft. I’d say maybe a LB’er but I like bunch in this draft to. We need safety help and I truly believe there are 5 with 1st round talent this year so at least it looks like a lot of our needs line up very well with the strengths of the class.

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Agree, I forgot to add Williams to that list. All four go before our Rams pick

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This is actually shaping up to be like the 2020 draft with re to WR’s, where none were taken in the Top 10 but 6 were taken in the first round and at #33 and #34, so 8 in the first 34 picks even w/o any in the top 10. If that’s the case I would be looking hard at safety for my 2nd pick or trading down. And I would be looking at LB or moving down in the 2nd and waiting until the 3rd for a WR. There’s some serious depth at WR this year,just not the top end like they had last year. And I think there’s significant difference at safety for sure if we wait. If we get a WR to fall, great, but not the end of the world.

I believe Holmes will get that shit figured out…juuuuust like last time.

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