My reason for NOT drafting a OB at 6

Ok here goes. First, Stroud, Young, will probably be gone by six and if the QB needy teams believe AR 15 is really that good he will be too. So what might be left is Levis? No thanks I’ll pass, no pun intended. Second. Let Goff play this year and see if he can repeat 2022. If he can , extend him, if he has a crap year. We will more than likely not have a good record to go along with that. And your looking at drafting anywhere From 5 to 15 in 2024. If Holmes can continue to draft well like he has the Defense can finish its rebuild and he can add a impact player to the offense this year. If Goff struggles or refuses to and extension in 2023 , You can use the 2024 draft to get a QB . You may have to sacrifice high draft capital in 2025 but you can afford to do it because the core of the team is built. And the rookie Qb money savings will allow the Lions to grab some nice free agents to fill in any holes if need be , so having that number one/two pick in 2025 is less crucial.Now if Goff does play well and we extend him, paying up will not impede the team , you can have a high paid QB and still win a Superbowl the Chiefs just did it . You just have to draft well. Having said all this I don’t expect the lions to draft a QB in this draft unless its something like 5th round, I also do not see them extending Goff. They really don’t have too. The Lions are totally in the drivers seat. I will admit I haven’t scouted the 2024 QB draft class. But usually every year has at least one/ two prospects that look good.


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