My uninformed bs before the draft

Draft time is here and we know even less this year than we normally do. So here is my uninformed opinion/view of it.

Chase Young is my run to the podium choice. No trade brings more than what he does imo.

If he’s is gone (I believe a likely scenario), then trade down is my next best choice. Unless SD really throws a great deal, Miami would be preferred. The players that will be at 5 seem to be of very similar great prospect value (ot, cb, lb). Think I would be equally satisfied/dissatisfied with any of them.

On the off chance we can double trade (again, not likely), then that gets a whole new ballgame.

This is where drafts get really fluid and we look at a haul of good players vs a great prospect and good player or two vs one elite talent.

So give me elite first, a haul second, and great+ as a third. That is where I have gotten too.

My worst case is that we pick someone not named Chase Young at 3.

But considering how little we know this year, I expect this year to be a complete crapshoot.

Thursday is almost here. Hope we all enjoy the draft. It could get ugly here if we don’t.

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