Name your most "Lions" draft prospects

I’m not talking talent as much as character ie GRIT draftees that will fit in our culture. Position group matters less than culture fit…


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Jared Verse

I thought about making a thread like this, then after researching it a little realized that without access to interviews/medicals, most prospects seem like they could be Lions (some more than others, for sure), and that I should compile a list of guys who probably AREN’T Lions instead. Still working on it.

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Yes, that is a good idea too. For this thread, let’s just give our best “guesses” without the benefit of every piece of info the Lions have and stick to the way they’ve played on the field. Or maybe list some guys that media/reporters have said are “Lions” or “Campbell” players…

That guy looks like a Campbell guy right there.

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From a football character/work ethic perspective, the clear ones are:

Legette, Jordan Morgan, DeWayne Carter, Brian Thomas Jr., Bowers, Graham Barton, Arnold, Adisa Isaac, Fautanu, Alt, Darius Robinson, Mims, Newton, Latham, DeJean, McConkey, Q. Mitchell, Odunze, Kneeland, Verse, Rakestraw, Fuaga, McKinstry, Keon Coleman, Latu, Renardo Green, Amegadjie, Frazier, Penix, Braswell, JPJ, Troy Franklin, Rosengarten, Roman Wilson, Haynes, Trice, Van Pran, Lassiter, Beebe, etc… (that’s just from copy-pasting the top of that list I started)

There are still quite a few who could also be in that group (they show good motors on tape), but there are some unknowns about them. Chop for example plays really hard, but he skipped his bowl game. Will that matter to our FO? It might. Thus TBD.

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Ding! Ding! Ding!
He’s a Lion. Write it down.

Will require a pretty good-sized trade up…


Kool-Aid !

Renardo Green

A bit homerish. But Zinter, Corum, and Sainristil from UM are football addicts who are very team-first. I am not sure they are a great ‘fit’ for the lions (other than Zinter), but are definitely the right type of dudes.

Dadrion Taylor-Demerson.

Team leader, versatile, and great on special teams. Seems like a good fit at backup safety for the Lions.

Yeah he’s gonna be on our board for sure. I actually think he might get drafted higher than people think though

Graham Barton = perfect fit for Lions but not sure he makes it to our pick.

Cam Hart = team captain at Notre Dame

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Not mentioned - Jonah Elliss

He is smaller Hutchinson.

Would love to see him as a Lion.

I see a Van Ginkel/TJ Watt

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I am a little ashamed to admit it, but my very first thought that popped into my head was, “ok, let’s see, which prospects are coming off a fresh ACL injury…”

I’ll see myself out.