Nate, can we break the rules one time?

I know there is a before the season prediction thread out there. I think it would be great to open it back up so we could see how close people were in their predictions.


Don’t remember what I predicted, think it was 10-7.

I don’t remember either. I was 12-5 or 11-6 can’t remember.

I definitely predicted the screw job in Dallas.


I was 12-5 but waffled it a bit towards 13-4

By all means Sir!

Rules have always been in place for one thing

Fire away

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Nailed it

I was 12-5, division champs, and wild card win. I said we could be playing in this game today but that I wasn’t going to predict it.


bump that thread

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I found them but they’re locked

I was going to write everyone’s predictions down but I wasn’t trying to start a controversial thread. Just a fun one.

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12-5. NFC North Champions. Wild Card Round Win.

I think they can make the NFC Championship but I’m not going to predict it.
You were spot on buddy

Woo! That was really going out on a limb.:laughing:
I picked 11-6, but, also said I was sandbagging.



Keep it classy

I had 10-7 division win if Fields didn’t click for Chicago. He did not.

I had us at 11-6.

I think I was at 11-6, a two game improvement from 9-8z

I cant remember but i had us at 11-6 or 12-5 i think (11-6 most likely)

I think I was pretty close. I think I said 11-6 with a home playoff game. Didn’t predict any further than that.