Nate Wiggins will test the Lions draft scouting priorities

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I just don’t think he’s a good fit. Willingness aside, the Lions want to play a physical style of defense that I don’t believe Wiggins is capable of on the NFL level, whether it’s getting outmuscled for a contested catch by the Mike Evans’ of the world, or coming in against a TE in run support, I just don’t like the odds.

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This thread is giving me Kenny Wiggins ptsd…

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Yes and no. He’s a perfect fit in that he helps alleviate our big issue with covering speed. The other stuff not being a fit I can see.

That being said if Brad likes Wiggins it’s to his benefit to project disinterest.

Moot point IMO in that a sub 4.3 CB with high end tape in terms of coverage is unlikely to make it to 29 even if he’s slight and doesn’t love contact.

Don’t “wig” out. Lol

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Miss Wisconsin

Deal breaker for me. Of course, not my call…


Baltimore Ravens: Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson – B Grade
Nate Wiggins is a talented player who could have gone earlier than this. He also fills a big need for the Ravens’ declining cornerback group. However, my concern is that Wiggins is a bit brittle, so he comes with some risk. I actually thought he might fall as a result, and I’m a bit surprised that he was chosen over Kool-Aid McKinstry.

Obviously, we got the answer to that question.

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I am not sure who posted the rather in depth analysis of the CB and what the Lions value. But loving to hit and tackle was super high on their need list. So any CB that does not grade out as a hitter and run stopper is likely never going to happen for this group of coaches. I say that because I am not sure if that is an AG thing or a MCDC thing or a Holmes thing. But the dudes they seem to covet and discuss all are bangers.

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