National championship standout players

The QB, the WO and the Running back for LSU were all studs IMO, anyone else?

The Clemson lbs were solid

There was a lot of talent on display:

QB Burrows
WR Jefferson
WR Chase
DT Laurence
ER Chaisson
S Delpit

QB Laurence
RB Eitenne
WR Higgins
LB Simmons
CB Terrel (might have lost some stock tonight)

Now, Cincinnati has to put a team like LSU around Burrows. I don’t think he can do it without the high caliber players he has now. Some of those throws were ridiculously risky.

Agreed …He wont be going to a dominant team, he won’t be playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers , will likely be playing from behind on the regular and in a tough division with the Ravens and Steelers , he just does not have a cannon of an arm I covet .Incredible touch and accurate this year, I wish the kid showed something else last year or would loved to have seen his Defense shit the bed so he was pressured more and playing from behind . Kudos to him for an incredible season as long as he is in the AFC I wish him luck.

Can’t leave out the LB from LSU Patrick Queen. He was all over the field and defensive player of the game. junior and a bit small for the nfl at 6’1" 227 but guy read the offense and made plays.

Derek Stingley the CB from LSU is someone to watch as well. His coverage was tight and he did get 6 picks this year so they stayed away from him, but he was involved in a few passes and was like a blanket on the receiver. He is only a Freshman but at 6’ 190 he has lots of tools.

AJ Terrell Clemson CB, who is projected as a high pick didn’t show much in this game.

The Clemson punter was money. 9 punts.

  1. Downed at the LSU 7.
  2. Downed at the LSU 4.
  3. Short punt only 38 yards to the LSU 21 returned 9 yards.
  4. Fair catch at the LSU 13.
  5. 58 friggin’ yards downed at the LSU 5.
  6. 36 yard fair catch
  7. 37 yard returned 8 yards
  8. 32 yards fair catch
  9. 54 yards downed at the LSU 10.

So, 9 punts, 4 inside the 10, 2 inside the 5, 2 over 54 yards and only 17 return yards. Martin didn’t have 4 inside the 10 all season did he? I mean he simply always seems to blow his punts into the ez. This guy was money and it helped keep LSU from moving the ball esp in the first 2 possessions. In a game of inches, yeah, I want this guy.

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Lawrence. I really wish he was coming out, because we’d have a shot at him. Kid can sling Stafford-esque darts, yet already has a better soft touch than Stafford did coming out. He is tough like Stafford, deceptively athletic like Stafford only I think a hair faster.

I’m in no way calling him better than Stafford. I’m saying I see a lot of our current gunslinger in him, but may be ahead of him developmental wise (minus the NFL stuff obviously) at the same point in their respective collegiate careers.

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