🏀 **NCAA Basketball 2022 / 23 **

Season has been going on for awhile, but now its conference time. Looking forward to today’s UM/MSU tilt at 2:30pm. Would really be surprised if Michigan makes the tourny this year, just lost too much.

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That moment you own a forum and just now realize an emoji can be used in the title, and you’re all like, “Damn, that’s sorta cool,” but then you immediately think of how your users are gonna abuse it because they’re children.


Third year in a row I used that emoji.

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Haha… I apologize in advance!

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Other good match ups today:

#25 Iowa St vs #17 TCU
Kentucky vs #9 Alabama
#18 Xavier vs Villnova

Low scoring first half. Mostly because both teams are throwing bricks and can’t hold onto the ball. Most likely because of great D on both schools.

No fights yet in the UM MSU game… though still a long way to go

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Just saw the final score of the game and wondered it was half time… lol


Yeah not a great shooting game for either


We totally blew it against Purdue. I’m so done with Holtmann and his choking habit.

The only thing that gives me any confidence is our current freshman and incoming freshman classes next year are both really good. Recruiting like we are will show itself on the court sooner or later.

And we need to find some way to keep Sensabaugh next year. He is very good.

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I just can’t pissed at this. MSU students donning these at the game today…

Thought I would resurrect this pig for the “Big Dance”. A lessor tourney without Michigan. But thats on Howard for NEVER closing out a game. At last count six losses in the final five minutes.

Glad to have Marty back for this event, a fellow NCAA B’ball fan. Two play in games today and two more tomorrow. When did they add another four teams? Who do they think they are, the NBA.

For us UM fans, we have game one tonight in the "Not Invited Tournament".

The tourney is going to great one this year. I think there will a ton of upsets.

LOL! Virginia poops the bed…again

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At least you’re in that one. We aren’t in anything.

Osu will run the BIG next if everyone stays. Very very young team.

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Brice is gone most likely, but our freshman class next year is going to be good, and who knows if Bronny decides to come and how good he could be.

And all of our other freshmen should be back.

You dont want him.

Already two big upsets. Down goes Virginia and Arizona

Oh shit, AZ just AZ’d. Lost to Princton. Many a bracket is crushed.

I won. :speak_no_evil: