Need some puter help for old non savey old geezer

when i want to reply to a specefic post by some one --how do i get his post highlighted with my reply to his post–sorry --i am self taught on the computer and some times need help

Well, the easiest way is to select or highlight his text with your mouse and then hit reply.
You move your mouse to the beginning of his comment, hold your left mouse-button down and move your mouse to the end of his comment. That will highlight (select) his text. Let go of the left mouse button.
Move your mouse to the “reply” button and left-click it.


For me (may be my browser vs another) after I highlight the text I want to quote in a post, when I let off the button a little button appears above the text that says “Quote.” Just click on that button and it brings up a new text box to type your content. Then hit reply as normal to post it.

Or if you hit reply to someone’s message, just tap the quote icon on the toolbar in the popup that let’s you type. Then respond and hit the reply button.

Nice to know I ain’t the only non-savvy old geezer around here. Good thing we got the kids to help us out.

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thanks —got it first try