Negative Nancies on Gibbs

Gibbs not getting love in the Elon-verse. Lots of negative tweets

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Surprised to see Campbell so low. That was a bigger shocker Ot me personally.


Doesn’t really matter, though, does it? If the Lions go 12-5 and win the NFC North Division, no one is going to care.

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Here’s some interesting reading on the Colts pursuit of AR15. You can tell AGM Dodds was not going to take him.


I WANTED BIJAN !!!, but why all this whining about Gibbs DAMN you guys act like we just resigned Ebron !! I like all that Gibbs brings, and IF OUR Staff wanted Bijan, they would-have selected him !


Look at how little criticism the Bills got. Not only did they take a TE in the 1st round, they traded UP to do it. In “the deepest TE draft in decades.”


Meh, this matters how?

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Doesn’t at all. Just a curiosity

YES! Also → hilarious but true


Good! Very Good!
Go ahead. Piss him off.
Thank you!

Guys no one knows had low neg scores because no one knows them, especially on a wide mass market platform like Twitter instead of a more niche affinity type platform.

Redo this on ESPN comments or PFF’s platform and the chart would look way different.

People as large groups are less informed but more confident in their opinions despite them being based on less information. We see this everywhere in society. This is no different.


I just assumed it was because it went against the grain of all the mocks. Nobody had Gibbs there. Kind of like the cognitive shock that Holmes talked about. It manifested in shitty tweets

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Nancy!? I thought her name was Debbie.

Debbie Downer Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

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I love it when Brad basically shits on something but does it so articulately and well-worded that you could never accurately accuse him of doing so.