Net Draft Value Analysis

Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen anywhere comparing what we started the draft with, compared to what we ended the draft with. With all the wheeling and dealing Brad did, he certainly got the players he wanted, but how did he do on managing draft capital using different trade charts? For this exercise I am excluding the increase we got in round 7 from the D’andre Swift trade since that was not a pure draft maneuever, so I will be accounting for pick 249 instead of pick 219.

Traditional Jimmy Johnson Chart
Started with: 3539.8
Ended with: 3506.4
Net: lost 33.4 points, equivalent to the 10th pick in the 5th round, 145)

Rich Hill Chart
Started with: 1043
Ended with: 1065
Net: gained 22 points, equivalent to pick 123, in the mid 4th round

Fitzgerald-Spielberger Chart
Started with: 7982
Ended with: 7767
Net: lost 215 points, equivalent to pick 244, a late 7th round pick.

I guess the conclusion I have after doing this analysis is that Brad did just fine. One chart he lost a bit, one he gained a bit, and the other he lost a late 7, which to me is basically a tie. If you can move around the board to get the guys you want and come out about even, I think that is a WIN. I do think we got sniped by Seattle with Witherspoon and had to bail out of that pick, but I think they are happy with how that turned out.


I think the other way to look at it…

We would have picked Gibby.
Instead got Gibby & Laporta

Campbell & Branch → niiice!

Bro-Mart is my biggest hope to murder it out there, as I am very confident the others will.

Sordsol should be a good one eventually too.
Loving our bald guy.

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It passes the eye test. I don’t need confirmation from guys that haven’t been a football fan as long as I have.


There was a thread on this a few days after the draft if you want more details

Points gained by the “no turds” smell test analysis, immeasurable.

Round 1 - Offense skill player
Then defense

Round 2 - offense skill player
Then defense

Round 3 - offense skill player
Then defense