New Batman Movie

The trailer for the new Batman movie that just dropped like an hour ago. Holy sh!t! I’m a complete comic book movie snob but damn this looks promising.

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I’m a huge comic book dork… More of a Marvel guy as I think they have better heros, but the villians, especially for batman always intrigued me more. My first boyhood crush was on Harley Quinn and Joker was always my favorite bad guy… so needless to say, I’m very stoked to see a new rendition of Batman, and can gladly put the Affleck debacle behind me. This looks like a more “dirty” version of Batman, which I like, get back to him being the world’s greatest detective and knock off all the “save the world” crap… leave that to the Avengers :wink:

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This looks good. I wonder if we will get to see in theaters though.

Supposedly there is much more of a Sherlock Holmes aspect to it.

I read an interview with Matt Reeves talking about how he thought Batman had become too fisticuffs centric and he wanted to add a little bit of the gumshoe element of the original TV series.

I thought that was kind of cool so I wan intrigued. BUT I didn’t see the Crow aesthetic coming.

Looks really solid IMO

Love Batman! I’m a Keaton-era guy in the movie world but I did enjoy Val Kilmer and Christian Bale (shocker right?). This particular edition of Batman seems themed on the video games on PC/console within the past decade or so where they focus on very articulate combat and “detective” work, among other things. The fight scene they showed here was very reminiscent of the combat style of the game.

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It’s encouraging to say the least… Pattinson could play a great Bruce Wayne, I was worried he wouldn’t pull off the Batman role, he’s a little small, but this looks like it’s going in the right direction for me. The movie feels tangible and real, which is what was appealing about the Nolan Batman trilogy…

I just looked at the cast and I’m a little concerned about Colin Ferrell playing the Penguin. I also hope they don’t try to pack a bunch of villains into one movie without proper character development… I’m getting flashbacks to spiderman 3 just thinking about it :face_vomiting: They’re crediting the Riddler, Catwoman and The Penguin in this one flick, so hopefully they leave room for a nice arch through several movies, if this one is successful that is.

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Did you see Keaton signed on to revive his Batman role in the new Flash movie? Kinda interested to see how that goes. And you’re correct, they’re basing these movies heavily off of the Arkham game series, which is great because they have a lot to draw from story and design wise.

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Yeah I did see that! I hope it doesn’t get cheesy… And I played the hell out of the Arkham series so it really stuck out for me. Good interaction and lore in those games. Might have to fire up the latest one since I haven’t played it yet lol.

Tell me that’s not a dead ringer for the game’s look… Pretty excited…


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Haha yeah its pretty close!

Funny thing is I just don’t see Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

In fact, out of all the actors to have played the dark knight, I think Affleck stature and build reminded me most of the era that I read through Batman comics. Too bad the writing/directing for his movies were not that great.

Another Batman Movie?

Somewhere Kurt Cobain is rolling over in his grave.

It looks good …If you have not seen the…JOKER Movie do yourself a favor and watch it . Joaquin Phoenix was Great and it was very dark and seedy .

I rode my Bike down those steps when I was in my teens several times .

I went to the theatre yesterday, man.

I love the Christian Bale (sp?) ones. Dark side of Batman…I love it.

He’s gonna be a villain in the Spiderman series…weird.

Hulk is by far my favorite. They messed his character up so bad. They have him getting his ass whipped every time he leaves the back yard.

I’m ready for this Batman stuff. Looks like it could potentially be really fun. I agree that this dude looks pretty soft for Batman, but I feel better about it, after seeing the trailer. I don’t wanna be able to kick Batman’s ass, and that’s feel I got from most of the dude’s who played Batman. IMO, Bale sold it the best, and I loved that trilogy. Hope this dude can be that good or better.

AT&T now owns the DC rights? You are going to see reboot after reboot after reboot. They’re definitely going to repeat the Marvel model.

He’s one of a few cross over actors, he’s played the vulture in both of the Tom Holland Spiderman movies… Tom Hardy did it with Bane and Venom, JK Simmons was commissioner Gordon and JJ Jameson… There’s a few others too.

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Johnny Flame is Captain America
Love that dude as Captain America. Hate that he’s not doing it, anymore.

Yup, Chris Evans did a great job with that part… Civil War is still probably my favorite Marvel movie… The Cap/Thanos fight in Endgame gave me goosebumps, bc, ya know, I’m a dork


My single favorite scene - When Cap was wielding Mjolnir…shiiiiit! I still get excited over it.
“Whosoever holdeth this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of THOR!”

Fuuuuuck yeah! Worthy

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Exactly, doesn’t get any better

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