New CBS Sports 2021 mock has Lions picking 8th, taking QB. No, not that one. Or that one

Trey Lance QB


The Lions are going to have to find a replacement for Matt Stafford at some point, and Lance is a prospect a lot of teams like. He’s big, mobile, and accurate.

Gotta be tough for a Stafford sla-- aficionado – to see all these 2021 mocks.

Not a lot of belief that Bob and The Two Matts are gonna turn this thing around this year.

I like where the roster is at. Pair that with the division not going out and doing anything big. I think Detroit can turn it around.

If they don’t(hey, it’s the Lions) Patricia and Quinn will be gone, and the new regime will most likely want their own guy at QB. I’d be ok moving on from Stafford, only because I like him enough, that he’d hopefully move into a better opportunity. Not the team that has been rebuilding for 60+ years

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Trey Lance is legit, anyone who knows anything draft related has seen/heard about his talent. He’s a top 10 pick all day, big, strong arm, accurate (no picks thrown in 2019), he can run too. He may be the 2nd QB off the board come next April


I’ll be shocked if Lawrence and Fields aren’t the first two QBs off the board.

As they are in this mock.

Right. I was just responding to Guitargod re: Lance. I thin Fields is a lock for the top 5 to be honest. I’d be sure that Lawrence and he were going 1&2 if Sewell wasn’t a one in every fifteen year left tackle.

I do think Lance could go top ten though.

I’m not sold on Fields being #2 just yet, he has to prove it again this year, he’s got the most help of the 3 IMO. He’s not nearly as mobile as Lance or Lawrence though.

Fields has a bad banged up knee last year. When healthy he’s definitely faster than Lawrence. I wouldn’t know in terms of Lance as I’ve never seen him play.

I didn’t see that on film, maybe his knee held him back as you said… If he runs a sub 4.5 I’d be blown away

I don’t think Lawrence runs sub 4.5 either. No clue about Lance. Fields wheels were definitely compromised down the stretch.

I just didn’t see his ability to make plays with his legs, he moves in the pocket well.

Last week, they said we’re taking a WR. I’m so confused…

It’s FAU, but still he can clearly scoot.

Better competition. He was quick early in the year.

Just watching Lance now. I think a healthy Fields is probably just as fast. It’s tough to tell bc of competition. The ball comes off of Fields hand with a lot more zip though.

I still prefer Lawrence but if I’m not sold on my QB I’m taking Fields over Sewell. That’s saying a lot bc I think Sewell can be a Hall of Fame player.

I’d argue that Sewell is the most valuable non QB prospect in a decade. I think he’s that good.

For me Lawrence, Fields and Sewell is a clear 1,2, 3 (in some order). Special top 3.

I agree that the top of next year’s draft looks quite promising… To bad we were bad last year, we’ll probably be mediocre this year, just good enough to out us out if reach of trading up for one of the elite prospects. Say 7-9 and picking 15th or something

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He’s fast enough, I don’t see 4.38, but that’s fine. He can pick up some yards with his kegs when needed, he’s not overly elusive or sudden, but he seems to be adequate in that department. It’ll come down to level of competition sure, hopefully we don’t have a restricted season and both can showcase their abilities… NDSU plays Oregon early, that’s really the only “good” team they play, so hopefully we get to see it.

I don’t see 4.38 either. Playing speed is different as you know. Hock for instance sure seems faster than a 4.7 guy when the bullets are dying.

Fields and Lance both look like 4.5 guys assuming that they are healthy. I think Lawrence is a tick below but I think I might take him in a 100m dash. Once he gets up to full speed he really moves because of that monstrous stride.

There is a whole thread on Lance around here somewhere from like a month ago. He had like 40 TDs and ZERO interceptions last year.

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The velocity on his passes seems slow.