New England looks good

I watched that game last night against Philly. Granted preseason they beat the shit out of Philly. Mac Jones is the truth and I’m predicting Cam has a short leash before it’s the Mac show

If they had the players last year that opted out of playing, they have gone to the playoffs…. No way via player talent should they have won seven games last year; that was all coaching imho


I got New England going 11-6 and finishing 2nd right behind the Bills, who are going 12-5.

No disrespect to Miami, but Tua isn’t the answer in my book. He was pretty bad last year. Miami going 8-9 and miss the wildcard.

And all teams will beat up on the Jets who are about to go 3-14, lol.

BB went all in this year with several impact free agents to try to prove he can win without Brady, should be a fun season!


I’m hoping they suck, just like I hope t bay sucks

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A man after my own heart.

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Miami was 7-2 in the games Tua started and 8-2 in the games he played in, as a rookie.

I can’t predict how good or bad Tua will be….

But, there is tape on him now….

It will be fun to watch either way!

Great win/loss record for sure. But they weren’t winning because of him.

His QBR rating is 26th out of 32 QB’s @ 52.5. He was pretty bad to completely honest. He needs to take a massive leap to give the Dolphins a playoff spot chance IMO


64% completion on a team that had a losing record when he didn’t start. 11 TD’s and 5 int’s, if he wasn’t the reason they won why were they losing when he wasn’t the starter? The fact is he had a pretty pedestrian season for a rookie. 2-1 TD to INT ratio and 64% completion as a rookie, Joe Burrow was 24th with a QB rating of 56.2, 2 spots higher than Tua. You think he’s going to suck too? Miami needs to stay healthy, “When the Miami Dolphins practiced with and against the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday, Tua Tagovailoa once again was without the three wide receivers listed as starters on the team’s depth chart.”

In that division, good chance yea that he struggles and the Bengals win 4 or 5 games.

Ravens, Steelers and the Browns are going to dominate the Bengals. I got the Browns winning the division with the Ravens getting a wild card. Steelers missing the playoffs because Big Ben needs to retire.

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I really like that New England RB, Stevenson… 246 lbs.

Same. I’m not a gambler, so I’m not gonna throw out the old “if I were a gambling man…” line. I’m a guesser. LOL. I’m guessing Tua is not the answer. From what I’ve seen of him, totally not impressed.

We shall see what the team that chose not to keep Dan Campbell does. hahahahahaha!

Yup - definitely not sold on him. LOL. Hard to say, with the injury and all, but he definitely doesn’t look like Herbert out there.

I do love how the Dolphins have built their roster. They are young with a huge window of opportunity.

Yeah I agree I agree you can’t tell much from preseason game but sometimes the team just looks pissed off that’s hard to do in a preseason game imagine what Billy check will do to these guys during the regular season they’ll be complete psychopaths and they’ll be in front of the division

Because it is a team game.

Tua averaged only 145 passing yards/game in his 6 wins as a starter.

Then again… he should only get 5 wins since Fitzpatrick took over for him against the Raiders with less than 10 minutes to go and scored 13 of the Dolphins 25 points while throwing for 182 yards (compared to 94 for Tua in 3+ quarters).

Tua “won” his first game as a starter with 93 yards passing, benefitting from both a punt return TD and a defensive TD that accounted for 14 of the Dolphins’ 28 points against Rams. The Dolphins had only 145 yards of total offense. :eyes: :eyes:

Fitzpatrick went 4-1 after week 2 as the starter, plus was the QB who “won” the game against Raiders… so he really should get credit for winning 5 games.
The Dolphins went 5-3 when he played.

Tua went 5-3 in games he didn’t get benched.

Dolphins scored 180 points in the 7 games Fitzpatrick started, plus 13 points in 4th quarter of Raiders game.
The 193 points in 7.25 games with Fitzpatrick equals 26.6 points per game.

Dolphins scored 211 points in the the 8.75 games Tua played. However, 21 points in those games was scored by thep defense or special teams. The 190 points scored by the offense equals 21.7 points per game… about 5 less per game than Fitzpatrick.

Another win for him was when he had 145 yards passing with 0 TDs and 1 INT.

The cool part about Tua is when he busts nobody will ever admit to thinking he was good.


Mean Girls Movie GIF by filmeditor


I don’t think Tua is going to bust.

Had to sting a little for Dolphins players to know they might have made the playoffs if Tua didn’t plat at all.

In Broncos game, Tua had 8 drives in first 3 quarters of the game. They went 3 and out on 5 of them.

They punted 6 times on his 8 drives.
On those drives, they ran a total of 23 plays, gaining 31 net yards. No penalties to blame.

They scored 1 TD. It was a 22 yard “drive” set up by a Xavien Howard INT.

Trailed 20-10 and had 105 yards of offense thru 3+ quarters of Tua turd time.

Fitzpatrick came in under 11 minutes to go.
Moved them 44 yards and got a FG on 1st drive.
Moved them 84 yards from their own 1 yard line and gave the Dolphins a chance to tie the game.
On 3rd and 8 to go… pretty close to a do-or-die type situation… he nearly squeezed a throw in for a tying TD. Simmons made a great play to pick it off.

If Fitz had played the whole game… who knows what may have happened. We do knkw that Tua was terrible in that game.

Ohhh - I usually agree w/you on stuff.
I think he’s gonna flop like a Dolphin out of water! :wink: