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Hi everyone,

I had been a Browns fan for 37 years (starting when I was 10). I stayed a fan through the move, rebirth, 1-31, etc. I even wound up taking a job in Cleveland despite not being from there and lived there for 13 years. However the events of the past year make it impossible for me to keep rooting for them so I decided to pick a new team.

Since I now live in Toronto I wanted to pick a team that’s within driving distance so I picked the Lions since Detroit is a fun city to visit. I was there in September for the Auto Show and saw how far downtown had come in the past several years. My wife really liked Dearborn (she’s Lebanese so it felt like home to her). We both loved the museums, etc.

So first off I hope you are ok with welcoming a new fan who doesn’t have much in the way of ties to Michigan. Secondly, I was wondering what the good sources of info for fans. Like what reporters, sites, twitter accounts, etc are good to follow to keep up with the team.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to being part of The Den


The bandwagon is pretty rusty and covered with cobwebs. But welcome aboard!


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Welcome to the Den Toronto and if history says anything, you’ve picked another miserable team to root for. However, having said that, the Lions are in a Bull market. Think like you’re buying bitcoin for $0.10 right now. The team is fun to watch again with lots of draft capital and some money to spend. There’s quite a bit of good (and bad) Lion content on YouTube. Most stories are covered right here in the Den so I would say this is your best place for Lion information. This is the busiest NFL fan site that I’ve come across.


New fans are always welcome. As long as you can handle the jaded, cynical, snake bitten, grumpy old fans most of us have become. Lol

You may wear out your welcome quickly though if you think Jack fox isn’t the chuck norris of the nfl, people with hair are more handsome and you don’t know what a coney dog is. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The lions bandwagon


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To become one of us, you must choose carefully:

  • Barry Sanders

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People here are pretty good about linking articles and information about the Lions. The Athletic, the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News, Mlive, Pride of Detroit are a good sources of news. But start your day here if you’re looking for all things Lions.


I can’t vote for mike McMahon? Lol

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  1. Welcome

  2. This is the only source you need…or mostly. a LOT of stuff gets linked here.

  3. Go watch an hour of Barry Sanders highlights. Maybe 2.

  4. Dearborn IS Lebanon…and it is so damn tasty.

  5. You are very very brave. Like first guy out of the trench at The Somme brave.

  6. You also have good timing…as this thing has shown signs of coming out of a hellscape winter similar to that execrable “2012” movie.

  7. ENJOY! Ask questions, post hot takes, cool links and funny memes. MEMES DUDE! ITS ALL ABOUT THE MEMES.
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Welcome aboard

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Welcome to the shitshow Toronto.

If you have any questions, about anything really, be sure to ask espnbaby. It’s like going to the mountain top to consult the great guru.


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Welcome aboard, and buckle up, it’s been bumpy the last 30 years. I’m in Toronto too.
Some good sites for reading are Milve and Prideofdeteoit. Both of those sites have good podcasts as well.

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I know you won’t believe this, but historically, it’s actually WORSE over here then where you were. However:
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Things MIGHT be changing. Probably a good moment to join.

ChatGPT has related thoughts …


Welcome Toronto… the shit show is on this board, not what the Lions are putting on the field!!! Be prepared for QB disparagement, even if the present QB is top 5 in the entire league!!!


I have no clue what that other stuff means, but I vote for Barry every time.
…in a handsome contest
…best rB ever
…Best football player ever
…greatest voice of all time
Whatever it is…I vote Barry

Have you noticed Barry is getting more handsome every shower he takes?

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