New information on Jameson from his surgeon—good news


“Jameson’s goal is to play first preseason game, obviously,” said Dr. Lyle Cain, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at the Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama. “I told him, I said, ‘Look, depending on which team you go to, most teams are probably — they’re going to be very conservative. You’ve got to understand that.’ And he’ll get talked into it, but I know he’s, in his mind said he’s going to be ready Game 1.”

Typically, Cain said it takes three to four months for the ligament to heal and five to nine months for the muscle “to get back in shape.” Williams suffered a clean tear of the ACL and did not rupture other ligaments in his knee, Cain said.

“There’s a wide variety of ACL injuries from pretty straight forward to very complex,” Cain said. “And his was a very straight forward one, which makes it easier for him, for sure.”

Cain said the next milestone in Williams’ rehab is to begin running routes and doing other football-related activities.

“I’m sure you saw him on draft day, he looks like nothing ever happened and he’s kind of one of those guys where he looked so good, so fast that I think the question for the medical staff of the Lions is going to be how fast to let him progress and get moving because I think the course of history in the NFL has been to be relatively conservative and slow with return for the athlete,” Cain said.

But I think for all the stuff that I’ve seen and from how he’s progressed, I think Jameson will be — he’ll be ready to go as quickly as everybody lets him go.”

Cain said mental hurdles are often an athlete’s biggest challenge to regaining their pre-surgery form, but that Williams has had a unique approach to recovery and rehab.

“A guy that was seen as having a really quick recovery was a guy that had surgery that we did here in Birmingham, Adrian Peterson,” Cain said. “A.P. came back and had a great year his year after surgery (running for 2,097 yards) and he came back I think around eight months. And that was considered a really quick return.

"The reality is, most guys are ready before that but they may not have their confidence or they may not have had enough reps to really be comfortable in the system that they’re in. I think for Jameson, I think when he shows up to camp soon, he’s going to look like a million bucks and I think it’s just how quick it takes him to get through the progression of getting back to feeling normal.”


Lyle Cain is really good at what he does. Knows what he’s talking about. I actually know some people who have seen him before for orthopedic stuff that he does on his own in Birmingham, but he’s also the Alabama team doctor.


That is encouraging news. I’m ready to run through a brick wall right now.


Injury: January 10th
1st game: September 11th

That’s 8 months.

Pup list would have him back on October 30th. That’s 9.5 months.

NFI list is more flexible and seems like the more logical option.

I love to see that he’s running and working out already but i have a hard time thinking Williams will be healed and in football shape before November. Anything before that would be great but would make me a bit nervous. I don’t see any reason to rush this guy back before 10 months, even if the kid feels ready.


Listening to him talk… The things he says in particular, I don’t think the mental part is going to be an issue. He just seemed to have moved on so completely that his not being the first WR off the board was a slight.


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Yup - it’s awesome to see…from day 1. His faith is SO off the charts high…and that matters. He’s one of many new factors that will help the entire offense to have more confidence. I view this cat as an amazing culture fit. So, so good for our team, on a few different levels.

He raises the expectations of others by being who he is. St Brown is like that too. So is Sewell.

We have lots of great role players, as well as quite a few who are actually fantastic leaders in their own rights on our team. Brad is just getting started too.

Also–> watch for Okudah to reach his potential. I’ve always heard mixed results about what his ceiling is…and while I don’t know exactly what his ceiling is, I know his mindset will not be a limiting factor for him either.

I hope Okudah and J-Dub have a great relationship and can help e/o. I’m sure Williams will help Okudah, but I’m not so sure the inverse is true. Love them both. So easy to root for this team, from the coaches to the ST/Backup players.


One thing I should have asked a long time ago, what does MCDC stand for? DC has to be Dan Campbell right? What is MC? Master of Ceremonies?

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Motor City Dan Campbell… I don’t remember exactly what it came from, but it came up really early after the hire…

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It came from Pat McAfee on his show.

And the MCDC slogan kind of came from Dan Campbell being an ACDC fan, so McAfee called him MCDC (Motor City Dan Campbell), and it’s stuck.


MCDC is a crappy nickname. It sounds like a nickname originated by someone who proudly wears wife beaters while broadcasting.

I love the nickname MCDC :grinning:


That’s my kind of broadcaster, better than Joe Buck or Chris Collinsworth :face_vomiting:


I think we should call him JC.

It would appease the part of our fan base that thinks he walks on water.

And could also be used on games when analytics come into play…“Jesus Christ, he’s going for it on 4th down again”

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I actually like Pat but I do feel like he’s reaching the point in a talking head’s evolution where he becomes the caricature of himself. After all that’s where the big money is at.


That’s weird. You usually have such sensible takes.

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That’s great to know.

Maybe it’s my military background but I prefer short sweet and easy acronyms.

Nahhh. He’s got that WWE money now.

Honestly i think that’s part of it. Accentuate the working man persona.