New Lion Cam Sutton: Players around the NFL want to play for Dan Campbell

I was in the Bay Area in the early 80s when Joe Montana and the Niners became the Real Deal. While I admit I wasn’t as focused on football at that time, in the early stages it felt the way Holmbell’s project does now.

Nothing more than feelings…whoa, whoa, whoa…


Things never said about Detroit Lions for a million Alex:

In fact, he said at his introductory press conference Thursday in Allen Park that he doesn’t even know most of the other teams pursuing him — he didn’t need to.

In joining the Lions, he said, he’s getting to work with "some of the best coaches in the business.

“When it was time to really get things going, Detroit, the family, they came strong, man, and it just made sense,” Sutton said. "Just from top-down, the organization — Ms. Sheila (Hamp), Mr. (Lions general manager Brad) Holmes, (Dan Campbell), they all have a vision.

“They all carry themselves in a manner that I’ve been around, in this game, to appreciate. And I know they’re doing the right things.”

Coming from a stable, legacy NFL organization like the Pittsburgh Steelers, that’s a pretty solid compliment. The Steelers have not finished under .500 in 16 years under head coach Mike Tomlin, including the last six years with Sutton on the roster. For him to see parallels between the Steelers and Lions — who have a less-than-sterling reputation for competence, historically — is quite a development.


It was never about success to me → just continued growth.
continue growth
continue growth
continue growth = success
→ it was about the level of buy in from the players
more buy in = more faith
faith = more power
more power = more faith
now the entire NFL believes in them
(those that xon’t soon will)
It was about the TYPE of leadership
→ this isn’t just lovey-xovey leadership…this is strength through love
→ this is warrior training, man training, integrity training…all at once
(main reason I have always believed in Dan is HIM & his energy & I KNEW they would follow)
→ Campbell is what I’ve always wanted for this organization & I’ve been calling him the best in the NFL since early in his first season here…when we were 1-6

the staff that Campbell hires is getting man training as well.
Our coach is the biggest rock star on this team & why my next lions jersey will be … Dan Campell

When is the last time fans wanted to buy their COACH’S playing jersey?
Hahahahah! Totally Awesome!

Mac knows football…

Love this so much. LOL

I really wasn’t sure on DC with the dynasties started from those who seemed to be genius level game changers which DC wasn’t really known as an offensive or defensive guru.

I did say perhaps his genius will be people management
I have a long posting history saying o thought the people management aspect is huge component to getting players bought in and performing at their best.

Also maybe Dan’s trend setting is building staff with former accomplished players …


ON post, my man. I think a lot of ppl would concede that he’s great with ppl, High EQ, Great Motivator, etc.
I also think there is not really a good comparison to him, so there is no real frame of reference as to what Campbell is bringing.
Because of this, many are not believing as much in the importance of psychology & energy as it pertains to NFL. EVERY player interview makes some sort of reference to it, & it is authentic, not “bottled” media responses.

It is working gloriously & it is how I used to coach when I was a coach (though on a muuuuuuch lower level)

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As it relates
That’s what I thought made swaggy do valuable
But that doesn’t mean irreplaceable
But it could mean there’s a void to fill

And if DC genius is of those other qualities
Than he should be able to fill
The void.

IMO Dan is the best coach the Lions have had in my lifetime


…or any other NFL team.
HOF coach…comin’ up
I promise

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YEA SB here we come!!!

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