New Member- I wish Quinn would call me because

I wish Bob Quinn would call me so I could encourage him to join this forum. I just activated my account today, but I’ve been reading posts for a bit now… There is more logical content and suggestion in here, and is evidenced by how Quinn runs the Lions war room, and front office…

Whenever a coach starts running through a plethora of vets with no previous character flaws, and it’s due to “lack of buy in,” one must ask if what they are being asked to buy makes sense.

G Tate, Q Diggs, Van Noy, Laken Tomlinson, Snacks, D Slay, Reiff, Warford, Glasgow, Kennard, Wagner etc…That list maybe be a stretch in a few spots, but overall our pattern is illogical at best.

We refuse to “extend” contracts which is a great way to ensure value. When we do, we wait til it’s too late and the relationship is fractured. Hold outs (Snacks), public frustration (Slay, Glasgow) and year after year we not only get hammered with dead cap money, we actually create holes as fast as we plug them.

We sent Warford and Reiff packing for nearly the same money we spent on an old and injured Lang, and still pretty unproven Wagner. Lower drafted players with more question marks than we had, and we framed it as investing in the OL??

We at nearly 4M dead cap space to cut Wagner (or close to it) anc then gave a ton of money to another less proven player? Big V will cost us 9M and the dead cap for Wagner another 4M, and somehow a combined 2020 cap hit of 13m for a rotational starter???

I know we love patriots here, but we got 5 years older for a 7 sack SLB in Collins than we had in Kennard. Just another Captain we cut? Kennard would have cost 6.8m off back to back seasons leading the team in sacks. Between his surprise cut causing 2.8M in dead money and 10M for 31 year old Collins, we now spend 13M at SLB too.

We are spending over 9M more this year for Collins and Big V instead of Kennard and Wagner- I’m not convinced we are more talented now, and if we had the 9m to spend in addition to the dead money for cutting Snacks- we would have had all the money needed to extend Slay- it’s tough to process that!
We did the same with Diggs for Harmon, Diggs another D Captain who had two pick 6s in his first 3 games in Seattle.

We should have-


W Harris



N Williams
D Hand

J James

Golladay- extend asap
M Jones- give 2 year extension
M Hall


K Johnson
T Johnson


We had tons of cap money- I would have spent it to pay Slay, months and months ago. Before it got ugly. I still would have signed Trufant, Shelton, and Williams. The Golladay extension would hit a little this year and Jones wouldn’t impact us til next year.
We would have spend the 11-12m on Glasgow, but saved that almost on big V. We would have kept Wagners hit this year and RT would be set, but we’d be cap hit free to upgrade next year.

To recap I would have re-signed Glasgow, and extended Slay, Golladay, and M Jones. The free agents of Williams, Shelton and Trufant are all great.


I’d trade down unless Young is there. I’d even take the Phins #5 and early 2nd “only.”

We don’t need Okudah with Slay, Trufant, Amani O and Coleman-

So Brown, Simmons, or trade down AGAIN!!!

I think I’d take Simmons- he’s a weapon, a playmaker. Period!

Rd 1- I. Simmons- X factor
Rd 2- J Taylor/J k Dobbins- workhorse
Rd 2- Weaver- Edge
Rd 3- Claypool
Rd 4- Big DT
Rd 5- OT


Great first post!..maybe Quinn should call you!

Hope you stick around and become a regular.

I never understood letting Reiff go he was a multi position guy who was pretty steady. Diggs for nothing still baffles me . Same will be for slay . I think if you dont buy in you are on chopping block or on the outs .

No disrespect but I don’t understand rehashing the past in this much detail. If it’s so important to you, why not spend the time rehashing EVERY move from the past 10 years with 20/20 vision. Then you could show how YOU’RE the smartest guy in the (chat) room.

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yeah forget the BS 10 years ago, history , gone ! your not changing a damn thing.
BUT there is a pattern to prove we had REASONS as to why we lost more games than we won.

Lord I WISH we had a ONE FUCJING GUY mess up to fix, that is not fact/reality.
Myself I have a far more difficult time just saying “oh the players just sucked.” than I do with who & what was placed in leadership roles over the past 40+ years.
The Fords may be Billionairs, but they had no idea how to be owners. All they cared about is the money this team made them, other than that…we were an afterthought.

IF you had common sense, you can EASILY see that what you have been doing -with putting persons in charge of YOUR team, is not working at all, when all you do is lose.

ANY one of us could have been sitting on the sidelines stuffing our faces with pizza and subs and gotten 3 %$#@! wins.

had the 32nd ranked defense. BUT as an owner…once you see your team is struggling to win games the first 4-5 seasons, you change who leads it !! you say to yourself “gee maybe I was too hasty here I was wrong…but these guys aren’t getting MY TEAM TO WIN.” So, especially if you had that money………you REALLY sat your ass down and did your homework as to who DOES WIN…already has, IS availiable, you go talk to them offer big bucks to come aboard. and you do that over and over until you have your front office…and scouts, GM & HC…the rest??? takes care of itself…right??

what you don’t do , is toss money after money at the team that has been losing for 60 years BECAUSE of the morons you left to lead your team…you can see it’s a cancer…CHANGE IT, but NO…not WCF, not Martha, not The Ford family.

I’ll give the team money then I’m going to the Hamptons, or sum shit in their limos, private jets, to buy a million dollar purse or lunch. for thee 95th time in her life. Do you realize how little time IT WOULD HAVE taken to just put experienced, knowledgeable, bowl-winning, Intelligent, Football minds in OUR front offices ???...they never have or will. IF Quinn & Patricia get fired…more monkeys will fill in, the circus will keep running…bc that’s the MO, that is what is easy…afterall The Fords are still lining their pockets .

Matt Stafford is and has been along for the ride , just like any other Lions player you can name, he tries to make the team win, but he’s NOT FU%!NG helped by Larry Curly & MOE that run the damn team. ALL our players and seasons suffer because of laziness.

Welcome to the Den.

Nice first post. Please post more often.

From a draft standpoint I think that BQ’s track record isn’t that hard to beat. I’m hoping he can put together a magical draft this year. By sheer blind luck he’s do right?

It’s not 10 years it’s 4, Bob Quinn’s 4!

Replacing Diggs with Harmon

Replacing Kennard with Collins

Replacing G Tate with Ammendola

Replacing Ashawn with Shelton

There is a pretty big pattern here of letting good players walk to replace them with “patriot way guys”

Many regimes try and bring in a few of “their guys to help install belief in the plan, but we are chasing B and C list players from Quintricias old team.

Giving up on guys like Laken and Van Noy when they are 23-24 years old and seeing them blossom elsewhere shows poor evaluation or developement- gotta be one or the other.

Watching Warford and Rieff be ushered out to pretend we “invested heavily” in our OL with Lang and Reiff was pretty assanine.

Kind of like getting rid of Diggs and Slay for Harmon and Trufant who we now pay almost as much?

We don’t ever improve because we spent all of our picks and cap space replacing the same parts.

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I actually have some faith in what Quinn and Patricia are doing. I’m as excited as I’ve been in a long time for the Lions.

These guys are building a culture and that is an intangible asset. Its hard to valuate. The simple fact is these guys value the culture over individual talent and will chose culture every day and twice on Sundays.

I do think some mistakes were made along the way. There is certainly room for critique. Just a couple of comments in response. I think the offensive line was the result of our former Offensive line coach and Caldwell’s refusal to get a new one. Warford was not coming back here because of that coach. We just drafted Decker, and Reiff wanted LT money. Those weren’t purely personnel evaluations. Laken Tomlinson wasn’t drafted by Quinn. He did trade him. But Laken is not a plus OG, he wasn’t athletic enough for the scheme at the time, and he was benched when Glasgow took his job.

Anyway, welcome to the board!


Can anyone replicate someone elses team and be successful?