New mock draft

Personally, I don’t pay attention to locks till after the combine……the good ones are a lot more realistic. And I’m over analyzing all the scenarios right now. Lol.

To summarize

Top 5 are 3 QBs, Carter, and WIll Anderson.

We take Tyree Wilson DE Texas Tech

by 18 spoon, gonzalez, and branch are gone.

We take Richardson QB Florida over

WR Q Johnson, J Addison
RB Bijan
RG Ocyrus
CB Ringo, Porter
TE Washington etc

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Taken a qb is dumb that early.


Hate it.
Whoever came up with this knows/cares very little about Detroit.

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It’s honestly a legit thought (qb etc). This is all
Brain porn. There are a million different scenarios that could occur. That’s all that is happening. A suggestion about 1 particular scenario. Saying the lions take a qb early doesn’t say ■■■■ Goff….it says there is a reality that a team doesn’t want to pay a qb an insane contract and a rookie deal for a qb might extend a team’s window.


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