New mock drafts already

This one has us taking Chase, but I’d go Sewell. Look for the 4 pick to get traded next (Denver, Carolina, NE?)

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Just scouting the competition?

Is it just me, or would anyone else take Sewell, Smith, Parsons and even Farley before Chase? edit: not Farley anymore, forgot.


I think Chase could be the next great WR in the NFL so not me. Thing is I am also okay with Waddle or Smith, but Chase does stand out above them, IMO. If Chase was sitting there at #7 and a team wanted to move up for him I wouldn’t say no. There really isn’t a big need at WR from 8 until probably 15, and even New England just went out and spent a bunch of money on WR’s in free agency and need a QB more. Maybe Miami would want to double dip, they have more then enough ammo and realistically Smith, Waddle, and even Parsons could fall into the mid to late teens.

I really think we could drop back and still get one of the top guys we are targeting this year, which is why trading back is a major deal for us this year.

If Sewell is there and we pass, this would upset me. We’d have a solid young Oline.


I never dreamed that Sewell would ever fall to us, but now I’m starting to feel a little hope. I tell myself don’t do it, you know how it will end, but I can’t help it.

He’s gonna be an all-timer.


There are reasons to do this beyond a very outside shot he is available at #7.

It’s a chance for Holmes and Campbell to watch a guy in real-time and pick apart and see how they both see things. It’s a good way to bluff you want a QB.

95% sure Wilson won’t be there at #7 and 85% sure Lions won’t trade up.

I feel like Sewell is the best LT prospect since Orlando Pace. He will be an all time great.

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Lions are going to have a few options at #7 with possibly the top WR,OL,LB or CB still on the board.This is setting up great for Detriot they should beable to add a blue chip type talent who can help the team right away.

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In essence it looks as though only two of the below will be off the board by the time we pick at seven.


Take the two players you like the most out of that list and it is still quality options aplenty. Could be even better if the Panthers or Broncos think Mac Jones is worth it.

To me the ideal scenario now is that we can finagle an extra day 2 and day 3 pick out of the panthers or Broncos and still have three or four of those names available to us.


We already got a young solid o line. Adding sewell would make it a young elite o line…


Would be awesome if he was still around. Loved his work!


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LOL. I’d take him over Tavai.

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Of course, man!
He’s the DT I’ve been looking for!
If you haven’t seen that skit, you should watch it. First time I watched it, I watched it 3 times in a row - fantastic!

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Sewell would give us a top 5 OL. A healthy swift and the addition of Williams this would help our defense a ton via LONNNNNNGGGGGG drives.

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Stop. Just stop. Somehow he’ll be just out of reach, isn’t that the Lions MO? He’s my top non-QB choice, too. It would set us up for a long time. How could Cincy not take him, though? Or Miami?

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Javonte Williams and Swift will break some long ones too. We may just score quicker than you want/think. :wink:

It’s okay. I’m sure you forgot we are drafting Javonte and were thinking teams could just key on Swift.


9 and 40 aren’t going to get the Broncos up to 4. Especially after what SF just paid to get to 3.

Here’a another one. I think picks 1-6 make sense here. But if this happens, we’re calling Denver to see what they got so the Panthers don’t get Fields – right? And then we probably still get parsons.

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Imagine if we signed Mitchell Schwartz AND drafted Sewell

That would be the best Lions O-line ever

RT - Schwartz
RG - Jackson
C - Ragnow
LG - Sewell
LT - Decker