New playoff OT rule

That’s exactly what the overtime is now. In the playoffs.

Where I have an issue with it is that it’s different in the regular season.


Honestly I didn’t realize that. why have completely different rules in the same sport for regular/playoffs?

don’t get me started on college football rules vs the pros.

Shannahan said he took it first so if both teams scored the same on thier first possessions the 49ers would get the ball third with the ability to win in OT.

Of course a slight hiccup occurred in that plan.

The NHL and MLB also have different rules in the playoffs. No man on 2nd to start the inning in the MLB playoffs (stupid rule anyway) and NHL has 5 on 5 and no shootouts in the playoffs as opposed to 3 on 3 and shootouts in the regular season.

What I don’t get is why the NFL playoff OT has a running clock. I don’t see how the clock plays a factor at all outside of giving them a break after the “First Quarter” maybe?

The 49ers players didn’t even know what the OT rules were, which is crazy to me.

Shanahan is a great coach, but this whole thing feels like he shit the bed.

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Just talked to Jon, he gave me this to post.


And the Chiefs had discussed strategy for it during training camp. And their plan - as it should be for every team to eliminate the 3rd possession - was to go for 2 if they scored a TD after having the ball second. This makes not having the ball first moot.

I suspect in the future every team who wins an OT toss in the playoffs will defer.

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Does scoring a TD 1st time have power over a TD on the second shot, in playoff seeding? Hey, Goodell slappies need to know.