Next 4 Games

So I like to look at a revolving 4 game window. A main reason is that teams are not the same week 1 verses week 17. So hard to predict things too far ahead.

@ GB Thursday Night - I look at GB schedule to date and I just think the Lions are better. But better and better at Lambeau are 2 different things. Injures and quick turnaround will mean a lot. toss up right now

Home Carolina sorry but this is a win all day, newbie QB means good teams feast and the Lions are a good team.

@ TB I am just not sold on TB week to week, injuries will be HUGE. I like the Lions in this spot

@ Ravens Until I see the Lions beat a good running QB I will hesitate to pick a win. And no Mahomes is not a running QB like Lamar. I think this is a Ravens win

So 2-2 these next 4 with a possibility for 3-1 and of course 4-0 is possible but not probable. (4-3 40%, 5-2 45%, 6-1 15% after 7) I just don’t see this team going 1-3 or 0-4 these next 4 games. Does not seem like a real possibility. They play with too much pride and have shown the ability to execute under pressure. Both offensively and defensively. And if the play a 1 - dimensional offense they will feast. I am still shocked people thought this defense would not crush ATL. The Lions are very good against the running RB. They just suck or have sucked against running QBs. I am hoping that changes this season with the speed they have added at LB and DBs.

The nice thing is that in the final 8 games the Lions play the Bears twice, Minny twice, Broncos, and Saints. All teams with issues and the Lions will be favored. So no shame in a few losses in these first 9 games.


The Carolina game will be interesting. If Bryce Youngs shoulder injury continues to keep him out up the Lions game week, preparing will be a challenge. Bryce Young is a more athletic, less talented passer right now. On the other hand, his backup Andy Dalton is a crafty veteran who can still pick apart a team if given the time to do so. He threw for 361 and two touchdowns against Seattle. And I’m sure DJ Chark would like nothing more than to roast his former team. However, Dalton is a statue in the pocket. Honestly, I’d rather see Young back there than Dalton.

This could set up like the Seattle game. Take this team lightly at your own risk.


Yet Baltimore is a 1 dimensional offense. Nobody fears Jackson throwing the ball. They will stack the line and force the ravens to throw the ball.

I see 3-1 coming up with us sitting at 5-2 for the Monday night game against the Raiders.

We are going to beat the Packers, Panthers, lose to the Bucs and beat the Ravens

If it comes down to a Justin Tucker FG, it’s a virtual lock.

6-2 at the bye week after MNF

Chalk it :white_check_mark:

We will drop 1 on the road @ TB or @ Balt

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Baltimore has surprised me. I expected them to be much, much better.


They revamped their entire offense, it might start clicking for them by the second half of season. Im not a fan…I still think if Burrow gets healthy they will take the division even at 0-2.

I think @ TB in the heat seems like a game we will drop.

Plus guys I know are road tripping, they are notorious for showing up when the Lions lose.


AFC North is gonna be a bloodbath

It always is lol

That Bucs game scares the hell out of me for some reason

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Yes! Would much rather face the rook with almost no experience.

Would use a similar game plan we used vs Ridder. Stack the box, take away the Panthers run and make the kid beat you with his arm. Ridder sure couldn’t and Young has really struggled early in his career.

I looked at schedule today i feel like 2 or maybe three loses going into bye …then our team …and this is my opinion is built for the second half of season …then look out

How is good luck baby feeling about all of this? How is his energy?

Sadly they have supposedly installed a more conventional offense with less QB runs and Lamar is proving who many thought he was (myself included) which is an elite running QB and a middling passing QB.

I would like to note here that I also have a good luck baby. Little girl born last November 11. I would love for her to continue experiencing the winning percentage she has been accustomed to.
We call Sunday afternoons(and this season Thursday nights) “football time with Dad” and it’s been pretty awesome thus far. Hopefully she never has to see dejected Dad.


brother, you are to put pics and engage in all good luck baby threads

We want to see this magical little human prep for game days. Share the magic, my bro!

My brother’s youngest was born during last season too…

they dressed him like a turkey for his first ever Lions game and he was NOT happy about losing to the Bills.


I just might have to do that. She usually does some good napping during the games which is a habit that would have been beneficial for me from about 1999 until 2022

as long as she has mastered teh ability to send winning energy and love to the Lions with the subconscious. LOL.

Love listening to you guys talk about watching games with your kids. Creating emotional anchors and bonds that will last as long as you both live.

Celebration of love/life/relationships. It becomes about SO much more than football.

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You’re right man. Honestly it’s made me better at following the team. Now, more than ever, I’m in it for the ride and if we end up with a trophy great. If not, life is still good and as tired as it is as a trope, I can say it’s just a game and life goes on.
This attitude will make the wins sweeter and the losses less sour.


4-0…Ravens are eh…just got beat by Colts…ravens always ravens…we should have won when we sucked…we win…I am reserving concern for Chargers, dallas, and one NFC game…that’s it…12-13 wins until 12-13 wins are not possible anymore.

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