NFC foes remaining schedules

Phi 9-1
SF 7-3
Dal 7-3
Sea 6-4

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Lots of games against each other, that should help us. Just take care of our business and let it fall as it does.

So Seattle is kind of the key. If somehow they get white hot, anything can happen.

SF has Baltimore, Philly, Seattle x 2….

Philly has desperate Buffalo, SF, Dallas, Seattle

Seattle has Dallas, SF x 2, and Philly

Lions: 13-4

We need to beat Dallas, Minny x 1, Chicago, GB, and NO… and at worst we lose to Minny and Denver-

Eagles: 13-4

need losses to SF, Dallas, and Seattle.

49ers: 12-5

Losses to Baltimore and one to Seattle

Dallas: 12-5

Just lose to us and we have tie breaker, but mix in a loss to Miami in Miami, maybe Buff too?

Seattle: 11-6

loss to Dallas and one to SF

Man do we need to beat Dallas, and Minny twice. Lol

Seattle has a tough road ahead

Yeah. That Seattle ends up fighting for their playoff lives is the most likely outcome IMO.

Well in the race for number one, assuming all remains the same, if we don’t catch the Eagles by Week 15, they are going to get the one seed. They face the NYG twice and Arizona. SF lurking too…

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On my other thread, it why I stated we are basically a loco now for 2nd seed

We needed, mathematically speaking, Philly to lose last night and that obviously didn’t happen

If I’m Detroit, I have only three things I am wanting in priority as we moved towards the end of the regular season:

  • heath
  • win the division as this will also solidify our hold on the 2 seed.
  • winning the first seed of Philly stumbles

Ive been keeping track all in one place for everyone

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I don’t think Seattle is making the playoffs and Minnesota is getting the 7th seed even if we beat them twice

Whose making it in over Seattle?

All of this is amusing, but unimportant. As Al Davis famously said: “Just win, baby!”

Lions just need to continue to take care of business.


Gun to my head I’d bet on Atlanta

Dallas has Philly @buf @mia Detroit

That’s tough sledding

Philly beating Miami, Buffalo, KC, and Dallas in the past month would be pretty spectacular.

Let’s go Bills

Still got @Sea, @Dal, and SF

We have hope need an NFC loss from
Eagles too

14-3 we would have tie breaker if Bills and NFC slip up for eagles…maybe?

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