NFC North mock draft roundup from PFF's latest projections

Never heard of either of these guys they have pegged to the Lions.

CB for Mizzouri and DE for Kansas

That’s the dumbest shit I’ve read. Both them guys are huge reachs while everyone else in the division is getting Quality pics. That is no Lions fan at all. I just wasted 2 min of my life looking at crap. You couldn’t pic two worse players were there being picked.


With the Bears picking No. 1 and No. 9 overall, they should, in theory, have the best draft out of any team in the NFC North–almost by default.


This website is pretty good, any mock draft from pretty much anywhere is included so the consensus big board is pretty comprehensive.

At the moment the consensus suggests Kamari Lassiter, CB, at 29.

Agree to disagree. I’d be fine with a Rakestraw/Booker combo. Granted, Rakestraw isn’t my favorite CB in the draft, he’s definitely not a “reach” at 29. Booker is going to shoot up boards. He had a very good week at the Senior bowl, is an absolute freak and is going to test well at the combine. He’s just really raw, but has all the tools you want at the edge position. A name I keep hearing when people talk about Booker is Maxx Crosby. Not saying he is him, but he’s started drawing similar comparisions from multiple people.

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Yep we totally disagree, From what I read Rakestraw is more of a zone CB then a man guy. Not even a good fit in my book. And Booker is moving up because he’s a athlete he is a liability in the run game from what I’ve read.

“In 2023 as a senior Rakestraw Jr. saw action in 9 games while playing 466 snaps. He logged 26 tackles, 7 assists, and made 10 stops. In coverage Rakestraw Jr. had 2 pass breakups, no interceptions, and surrendered QB rating when targetted of 96.9.”

“Too often gives too much of a cushion while playing off his man, and it becomes especially problematic since he’s not a particularly willing tackler.
Fails to maintain inside technique in man coverage. Not a press corner.
Gave up far too many big plays in college, especially concerning since Rakestraw has recovery speed to make up for missteps.”

Booker problems are probably coachable and he has some juice.
“Booker is so eager to get upfield that Booker often abandons responsibilities against the run.” I like him but not in the 2nd. But he could blow up combine. He could be a good fit opposite of Hutch.

But our CBs mostly played zone last year? Sutton/Jacobs/Vildor were all close to being in zone 60% of their plays on the field. Now maybe AG wants to play press-man if he had the horses, but that’s certainly not what he called last season.

I’m not really sure where those breakdowns on Rakestraw are coming from, especially regarding his unwillingness to tackle (he’s one of the better CBs in run support and tackling according to PFF grades). Even his stats indicate that he is a willing run blocker. 10 stops in 9 games? That’s over a run a game that he is turning into a failure from the CB position.

Yes, there are other options at CB I’d rather have a 29 if available, but I don’t think it’s fair to call Rakestraw a “huge reach”. That’s all I’m saying.

Booker is just raw. He hasn’t played a ton of football. I could understand people not wanting him early because he needs some developing, but I think the tools are all there to be an A+ player.


Your probably right, and I didn’t realize we played that much zone. From reading I always thought we preferred Man. Thanks for the update. Haven’t studied him much because I looked for more man outside CBs because that what I thought we needed.

And Booker I like him just not in the 2nd

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I’d have to look at the breakdowns, but at least this season, we ran quite a bit of zone. I don’t know if it was a decision made because we didn’t have the CBs to run man…maybe that’s what AG wants to run (man) if he had a choice. but adapted to his personnel. To be honest, I think they’d prefer guys who can play both so that they can mix coverages.

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And you have to think that’s what we’d prefer as well. It’s pretty much our SOP on all sides of the ball.

CBs I do like
Quinyon Mitchell
Kamari Lassiter
Terrain Arnold
Max Melton
Kyree Jackson
Cam Hart
Jaylin Simpson
Smith -Wade


Sheesh man, it might be better if you gave us a list of CBs you don’t like :grin:

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If we could snag Mitchell and Jackson in the same draft, dang! I’d feel much different about CB.

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Yeah good draft to get a CB, there’s guys I like in every rd.

Me I would like to sign FA Isaac Yiadom
And then draft a guy like Melton or Hart maybe Green at the bottom of the 2nd.

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If Hart tests well I wouldn’t be shocked if he made it into the late 1st. I’ve liked him for a couple of months now, but I’m not as interested at that price. (Charlie Campbell, the #1 mock drafter the past two years, has had him as a high 2nd in both of the mocks I’ve posted in here).

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A vet would be great. As for the draft every clip I’ve seen on Mitchell makes me like him and you can’t teach Jackson’s measurables.

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That sounds perfectly AWFUL.

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You need to do more research the CB is one of top 5 IMO he is good pick Booker is a freak kinda early second round but moving up boards remembering we pick late is ok future pick.

I like the UFA Isaac Yiadom I like CB Kamal Hadden 6-1 197 Renardo Green CB 6-0 187 4.42 Ennis Rakestraw Jr 6-0 188 4.48 he on most mocks is late rd 1 T.J. Tampa CB 6-2 200 4.45 Here are others Tampa is listed right now mid rd 2 most mocks