NFC North (Packers)

Don’t count out the Pack just yet. (I hate saying this!)
The article below shows how the Saints went into the 21 season 100 MILLION over the cap, yet they managed to field a team and sign a few free agents. Something @DeadStroke should enjoy :innocent:

The New Orleans Saints are in salary cap hell.

They’re over the salary cap by $100 million.

How will Mickey Loomis and Khai Harley get out of this mess?


The packers can make it work. They would literally have to release a few important players and restructure every player they can to get every dollar. They would also need to extend Rodgers and push as much of his money into the future. By doing all that they may have enough to retain Adams Lazard and MVS but that defense is going to lose some key pieces and they won’t add anything else in FA


Interesting capology! Thanks for the post Check. I hope we get to be in this position someday, only because it means we will have a gluteney of good/great players!

I hope the DO this! I’d lvoe to see an even bigger collapse later on.
We’re gonna smack the shit out of them soon enough with our without Rodgers. Getting less afraid of facing him by the minute


They also missed the playoffs. :grinning:


Um… you mean they didn’t show up for the playoffs?

I believe he was referring to new orleans?


Lousy QB may have had something to do with N.O. playoff miss.
My main concern with Detroit.



Jordan Love= Lousy.

GB misses thr playoffs w/o Rogers.

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Goff falls between lousy and average.
Hope I’m wrong!

His play depends on his offensive line. Next year we should have a great one. I expect he’ll play more like we saw the last quarter of the season.

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I agree w/the pretty lady. Lambeau is supposed to be a supreme home field advantage…and the even bigger observation is something I said weeks ago…he seems to not really care. So nonchalant and aloof. Nothing would surprise me. Would he not try to stick it to the Packers?
Does he want to just retire?
To see him show up the way he did made no sense ot me.

He’s going to request to be owner, coach and active player all rolled into one….

Couple good years left, he is crazy if he stays in Green Bay. He holds all the cards after the stunt before this season. They don’t have a championship caliber defense and they will be losing pieces to keep the offense intact?

Oof. He’s outta there.


Nothing would surprise me. Kaaron is his own girl. He’s never been conventional. He could retire, or facilitate a trade. Who knows… Kaaron is Karen

Once he becomes owner, his first act will be to cut Jordan Love. :rofl:

I joke but I remember a guy who was a key employee with a company for alot of years, and he received an offer to jump ship to a new competitor. Two years later the old company bought out the new company and fired him.

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I’ve never understood the media narrative around Rodgers. Yes the packers have never drafted him a receiver in the first round. So what? He’s never lacked for a talented #1 receiver. Instead the franchise surrounded him with all pro offensive lineman, pro bowl running backs and a talented defense. How many times in his career has Rodgers played with a defense ranked lower than 20? You can probably count on one hand how many times he played behind an average or below average offensive line. Or didn’t have at least an average run game to help him. Nope…poor Rodgers had to do it all by himself.

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