NFC NORTH: Where all four teams stand heading into Week 14


Funny how 5ish weeks ago Lions had second easiest schedule left (or something like that) and today it is probably middle of the pack.

Vikings record better (although they lose this week I think we will see a regression from them), Denver is better, Dallas continues to win.

Just win this weekend!

Strength of schedule never seems to be what it’s supposed to be. I’m sure the Jags were thinking the Bengals would be an easy win. It really is any given Sunday.



I think we need to approach each game like we have to score 31 points minimum. You only get so many possessions, and Ben has had some “un-inspired” drives the last few weeks…

Don’t tell me the Rodrigo fake lead block, HB dive to Monty… play action and toss to Rodrigo isn’t a layup TD from the 5 this week. The kid was a killer QB in HS, he has the sense, hands and athleticism to pull off easily.

Don’t tell me the reverse pass from Amon Ra to Raymond with Jamo as a decoy running a shallow cross opposite him isn’t a decent chance at a long TD… I trust Amon Ra to eat the play if it’s not there, or even wiggle for 3-4 yards.

What about an actual screen? We seem to leave our RB out wide, usually Gibbs, and he’s often being spied, so there are often 3 defenders with 2 WR blockers and an OL desperately trying to get there…. WHAT ABOUT HAVING GIBBS SET UP TO PASS PRO AND RELEASE BEHIND THE TACKLES?

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those plays don’t sound tricky enough.

This is the needed approach with a holey defense.

Just checked, it’s the 13th hardest remaining schedule, so it really has come around a lot.


You guys are funny that are criticizing Ben and his play calling. Rankings for last 4 years

Now I will agree the red zone has been an issue this year but I think he gets that fixed

Even Ben would acknowledge he could do better, especially his play calling in the Saints game.


Of course he would. I am also in the camp that no matter what you are doing there is always room for improvement.
But reading some of these posts you would think our offense is sputtering or ranked somewhere in the 20’s
I just find it entertaining :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

the Jamo score may as well be a Ben Johnson score - nobody saw that coming - very nice. Outside of that, there were some definite issues, though I think they war limited by backup OL…have to hone the playbook down a bit

Defense has had some really bad injury luck this season. Not an excuse, just a statement of fact. Don’t get me wrong they have their own set of problems with the defense when it comes to on-the-field, but it does make me wonder what some other good teams’ record would look like if you just remove 5 key defensive starters from the rotation the same way the Lions have had to.

I mean if at the beginning of the season I said, 'guys, there will be a point this season where there is no CD, Moseley, Houston, McNeil and Anzalone"… who has them winning much?

Gotta hold the line here. Three games is the magic number. Get it down to two by 5 pm Sunday and I am feeling a lot better.

Giants beating GB would be nice bonus Monday. I’m not even going to bother hoping for a Vikings loss. The Raiders are just terrible.

Raiders have been better of late. Giants playing better as well. If Gaints can get a pass rush going they can make it a game. I’m looking at the Bears knocking the Packers out of the playoffs in the last week lol. Would love that.

Nobody is debating whether the offense has been great or that Ben is a good coach. Some of us feel that his play calling these last three weeks has been perplexing at times.

As I pointed out in another thread:

We score three Tuddies in seven minutes while averaging 8ypc running the ball. We run it once in the next two drives. That run is for 13 yards. We went 3 and out and four and out.

Ben let the Saints off the ropes IMO.

In GB the uncreative and ineffective WR and TE screens, deploying route combos with several receivers well short of the sticks on high leverage plays.

Then in general you have the red zone woes that you mentioned, the under utilization of Jamo.

He’s a good coach I just think he’s gone through a bit of a rough patch. And yes we’re still putting up points (though a good portion of that against CHI @ GB was against prevent).

Said it last week: Watch out for GB. Legit chance they could win the division. Incredibly easy schedule. Love is finally playing up to his talent level. If the Lions can’t get the defense fixed, it could be really close.

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The Packers would have to run the table to finish 11-6. That would leave them with a 4-2 record in the division.

But still, that would mean the Lions would have to lose 3 out of the last 5 games to also finish 11-6.

For a team that’s 17-5 over the last 22 games, I don’t see that happening. And, quite frankly, now that Josh Dobbs has returned to to being Josh Dobbs, the Vikings don’t scare me.


Ricky bobby said if you are not first you are last… or something like that!

I like the design to kill you with Laporta if you are going to scheme to take St Brown out of the game. This next game is all about the run game and ball security.

I’d like to see some run plays for St., Jamo, Leif and even maybe LaPorta this week if the weather is bad. Any extra degree of variance helps. Jet sweeps, reverses, some flexbone slot counter kind of stuff, etc.

If the weather sucks, explosive plays are going to matter and they may have an advantage their in bad weather bc of their QB.