NFC Playoff Picture update: Lions extend their division lead

That said, not much has changed overall. The Lions still hold their own destiny in the division. They hold their own destiny with the No. 2 overall seed in the NFC. And now that they have a four-game lead over the teams on the outside looking in, playoffs are simply a formality at this point.

Monday night’s game between the Eagles and Chiefs will not change the NFC standings at all. Even if the Eagles lose and drop to 8-2, they will maintain the No. 1 seed in the division, because they have a better record in conference games (6-0) than the Lions do (5-1).

Disagree. Every Eagles’ loss matters


Yes sir!
100% on board.

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The Bears are gonna give Minny a run for their money next monday night. I predict a Bears victory. They will have no answer for Fields.


I think you’re right. The Bears will rebound and hand the Vikings loss No. 6.


Technically true, if we are looking at THIS week only. Still want them to lose though. (:

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