NFCE - Amazing division or smoke and mirrors? - Playoff picture

If the playoffs took place today then everyone in the NFCE would be in. That’s crazy to think about.

The Lions are 3 games out and they have to catch Washington for that final spot.

I do not think everyone in the NFCE will make it when it’s all over. They should knock each other down a peg or two when they play each other down the stretch.

If we tie with the NYG we will hold the tiebreaker too.

How many teams do you realistically think can make the playoffs out of the NFCE?

Which teams do you think will get knocked out?

Personally I think Dal and Phi will make it. Not sure about the rest.

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I think NYG and WAS both finish 9-8, and that’s completely reasonable given their remaining schedules.

I think SEA gets to 10-7.

If we finish 9-8 we are probably going to the playoffs.

  1. PHI
  2. MIN
  3. SF
  4. TB
  5. DAL
  6. SEA
  7. DET

If I try to picture any division pegging eachother, its the NFC East.


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