NFL analyst gushes over the Bears: 'The Bears are coming, so get ready'

incorrect - it would be extremely difficult, & nearly impossible

You could have said the exact same about the Chiefs seven years ago. Things change.

I don’t think the Bears are a Super Bowl team, and I feel like we should beat them twice (or three times), but they’re worth some respect.

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They all are! Just, let’s not get carried away.

If we are lucky, the strike out at QB and Chi and Minny are bottom feeders for a bit.

100% agree the Bears team is solid and if they figure out QB they will be a tough matchup.

I am also very nervous about GB. They are very young and I watched flashes from Love where he looked really good. Just not sure which Love we are getting.

I certainly don’t think the division is a guarantee.

See how he plays in a cold Chicago December

They whooped the Lions pretty good in December and they had us on the ropes the 1st matchup too before the Lions miracle comeback. The Bears defense is pretty good.

The key will be the rookie QB… who hopefully falls flat on his face over and over again

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Division games are always tough. Eberflus should have been fired for the Bears not showing up against the Packers in the last game….or the first lol.

Liked how Herbstreit compared the Bears to the way the Lions have been built.

They played some craptacular offenses though.

After the trade they played against the Saints, Panthers, Lions, Vikings, Cleveland(with a backup QB), Arizona, Atlanta, and @GB in poor conditions.

I would argue only the Lions and Packers are even functional on offense, but they played the Packers outdoors in January where it’s hard to score anyway and against us at Home and Goff is pretty crap outdoors when the weather isn’t pristine.

So, while their defense graded out well in stats, I will be very skeptical of them as a legit top unit until they actually prove it next year.

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Good call on CJ Stroud vs Caleb Williams. CJ absolutely was built to come into the NFL and make alot of coaching staffs happy. Caleb has to go to a team that will embrace and design around his out of structure throws. There are only a handful of teams that would be willing to do that with an unproven kid. Coaches have a higher tendency to shove a square peg in a round hole and blame the peg for not adjusting.

Bears on Hard Knocks?


Makes sense. We’ve never seen a top QB prospect flop before.

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The division is brutal now. Glad the Lions have such a great Offense.
We need our D to catch up with theNorth.

I’ve been thinking that for a while. If I’m the Bears I don’t want Caleb Williams anywhere near hard knocks though……not gonna be good for his rookie season.

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