NFL bans on-field pyrotechnics

Its about damn time. Does this apply to the Super Bowl as well? I’m assuming this “ban” will get rid of the problem of always coming out to the field after halftime playing in smoke.


Always thought it was a bit retarded.

It took me a while to get used to the blaring music at sporting events, when did that start, in the 80s? I used to like the organ music at pro hockey games, the quiet during play until something exciting happened… One day I went to the Joe and first experienced the blitzkrieg PA music and it took me a long time to get used to it. Now it’s featured even at junior hockey games.


Ridiculous to expose people who have asthma to that. Could be a massive home field advantage if you know there are key players on the other team that have asthma though.

I always hated it.

America always goes big until it fucks up and then someone actually admits it… then we bring it back down to a normal pace imho

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Yeah me too. It’s too much like the WWF or a KISS Concert feel.

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Ironically, they’ve quit using pyro for the most part too, due to cost.

Good, if I want to see pyro I’ll go to my buddies firework show, synced with music…

So is the Lions pregame entrance considered “Pyrotechnics” They basically shoot flames but I don’t think there are any actually “fireworks” or explosions.

geez…lots of this in this thread…