NFL Cap Space by team; post June 1

  1. Chicago Bears: $32.58MM
  2. Carolina Panthers: $27.25MM
  3. Arizona Cardinals: $26.68MM
  4. New York Jets: $24.79MM
  5. Detroit Lions: $23.72MM
  6. Indianapolis Colts: $23.39MM
  7. Dallas Cowboys: $20.48MM
  8. Houston Texans: $16.81MM
  9. Green Bay Packers: $16.57MM
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers: $15.73MM
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Does cap space roll over to the next year if we don’t use it ?

Still got plenty of money for Suh & Bridgewater. Witherspoon on a prove it deal 1 year

Keep in mind that the current cap space is only the 51 highest paid contracts.

After preseason it will be, 53 man roster, IR/PUP, practice squad and suspensions. Plus any additional dead cap added from releasing players.

Sure lions are at $25m now. But realistically they are closer to $13m. Which can roll over for next year when a few players are going to need extensions
And that’s assuming no other players hit the IR/PUP.


This is from Ari Meirov’s twitter account, he get’s his space from a team source, so this is 100% accurate . . . but Jason at OTC is spot on with the Lions cap space and usually pretty close with the other teams.



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See Tampa is still in post SB hell…

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Lions cap situation looks good, but the big money deals are coming soon enough. St. Brown, Sewell, possibly Jonah, Goff. Those 3 or 4 dudes are going to be expensive.


And quite frankly, I’d prioritize them as…

St Brown


Jets, Cowboys, and Lions seem to be the 3 teams that have some potential in 2023…

will be interesting interested to see if a player is signed late in camp or after season starts if that cushion remains…

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Guys that are FA in the next 2 years and would i extend them.

Goff YES(40+m)
Sudfield NO
Creg Reynolds No.
Cabinda No.
Jefferson No
Bell No
St brown yes ($20+)
Marvin No
Raymond maybe?
J Reynolds maybe?
Kennedy no.
Benson no
Alexander no
Wright maybe
Zylstra maybe
Deese no
Decker maybe
Vaiti no
Jackson maybe
Glasgow maybe
Ifedi no
Nelson no
Paulo yes min
Eze yes min
Piersherbacher maybe min
Awoska maybe min
Mcniel yes
Buggs maybe
Covington yes min
Levi o no
Jones yes min
C haris maybe
Houston YES!! ($7m)
Comish yes ($7m)
Romeo no
Julian no
Barns yes ($4m)
JRM no
Pittman no
CJGJ maybe
Lucas min
Dorsey no
Mosely maybe
Harris maybe
Jacobs maybe
Williams no
Walker maybe
Melf maybe
Smith no
Breese no
Mquaid probably
Patterson likely

2024 cap is then part of the equation?

How does that look?

NFL projecting cap at $256M, maybe closer to $260M

Lions 2024 under contract cap # as per Spotrac
189M (they have 2024 cap at 240, but will change)
This is a top 51#.

Space $67M

Guys whose deals are up we may want back:

Big V, Harris, Rokwara, CGJ, Mosely, MJones, Glasgow, Reynolds Khalif, Netflix, Jonah, Nelson, JRM,

RFAs-BWright, Piersbacher, Pittman, Jacobs

Theres some other FAs but guys that arent really on the radar

I think youll see 1 out of 2 guys back from


and the big ? on Jonah.

Assuming $20m for rookies and in season/PS, thats $47m to retain 2 quality starters, a rotational DE, a backup WR and a backup.OL, plus Jacobs. Maybe Wright.

Sounds pretty doable. Still have restructures too in case you want to go add a outside FA or two OR pay Sun God.

I am pretty comfortable in the idea we don’t NEED tonsave that cap space for 24.

I am very uncomfortable that Marvin/Khalif/Gibbs/LaPorta can take the heat off ARSB until Jamo gets dialed in some time in November.

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