NFL Commissioner: 'We're getting networks asking about the Lions'


Excellent interview.
Draft will bring 60m viewers who will get to see Detroit, Detroit Style.


Maybe, just maybe with increased exposure that Goodell will tell the zebras to stop with the BS calls against the Lions. 60 years is long enough.


yeah im expecting a ■■■■ ton of prime time games next year for sure

we got the NFC West, so expect the 49ers game to be a SNF or MNF game atleast

we have the AFC south next year, Texans and Jags are likely prime time games for sure (Jags will be a TNF prolly, Texans i can see as any of the three)

Turkey day game could be something like the Eagles (first place stuff in the NFC)

Could have a Europe game next year aswell.


Duuuude I saw this subject and came on to say the same thing.
I am sorry but some of those PI against the Lions yesterday and specifically against Branch were such BS and ticky tacky. I just keep telling myself they will even out. But I feel like I have been saying that for 40 years.
At some point it has to stop.


If they keep winning, that improves the chances of talking JJ Watt out of retirement. It sounds like it would take:

  1. a great team
  2. a chance at a title
  3. lots of money

We should be able to accommodate that.

Plus we can add something that no other team can really offer.

  1. a chance at legend status. Seriously, we’ve won 1 playoff game since 1957. You can be a legend.

So keep on winning Lions, Brad you need to work that phone, and Sheila open up that checkbook.

There is a reason Watt hasn’t signed his retirement papers, wouldn’t sign a 1 day deal with Houston, and goes on McAfee show talking about playing. There is a chance folks. Pay the man.


It stands to reason, if the networks are asking for the Lions, there might be a suggestion to ‘let them play’
In other words, keep your laundry in your pockets.


we had a holding call against the rook, which was kind of legit, he did tug the dlineman.

Then when chicago needed a big run he ran thru a hole and alim was tugged and pulled the exact same way springing the rb and…surprise…no call.

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Oh good.

I can’t wait for my youtube subscription to be an even bigger ripoff

The Rams might be the pick for that game.

yeah maybe if Stafford is still playing

likely a 2pm game tbh

Is he referring to NBC flexing them to Sunday night later in the year?

Really? Who was surprised?
The refs and NYC took a TD away from us just last week on a totally Bullshit call.
Notice, nobody had the balls to bring that up to Goodell.

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