NFL Draft Network pans Seahawks pick of Witherspoon

Sean O’Hara doesn’t like Spoon pick, said it was the biggest surprise of round one for him.

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But it would have been an A+ if the Lions had taken him one pick later and not upset their mock drafts


The Seahawks probably saw what the Lions saw–the best CB in the draft.

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I can’t take NFL network seriously with that crap. Witherspoon is a great prospect at a position of need for them. Between him and JSN, the Seahawks had a very good night.


Ton of analysts, hosts, guests etc on the NFL network no different than other sport channels. I’ve gotten to the point that the NFL network is on one of my monitor’s for the majority of the day. Rarely watch ESPN anymore other than live games.

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I think his style of play was perfect for college and will be hard to translate at the NFL level, lot’s of contact and handsy.

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This is definitely something that he’ll have to adjust to in the NFL because if he doesn’t, he’s going to be on the wrong side of a lot of calls. Especially with the kiddie gloves used to handle NFL offenses by officials.

Yep, someone posted a video of Spoon and right away you could hear the announcers say that it looked like there was a lot of contact. And pre-game there isn’t a HC out there that won’t be telling the officials that he’s been getting away with it whether he has or hasn’t, just planting the seed.

Here’s what I believe: Had Witherspoon been available at 6, the Lions would have been running to the podium to turn the card in

Believe they would have tried to find a way to go Witherspoon, Gibbs, & trade back up for Campbell. I think it ended up working out pretty well





It’s been reported that they would’ve taken Witherspoon at 6 and were going to trade up from 18 to get Gibbs… Looks like Gibbs was 100% the player they wanted to come away with in the 1st.

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I wasn’t a huge Witherspoon fan. I put him in the same group as Branch. Both have solid production but not the elite measurables. Both mid/late round picks.

Witherspoon was a big reach at 5 IMO as he could end up being another Okudah (grabby CB without elite physical traits). I think he will struggle with NFL speed when even the average WR’s are much faster than him.

Hmmm…Sounds awfully close to the CB we just shipped out.

I think it worked out very well, thanks to the Cardinals. Since we were going to trade up for Gibbs, I don’t think we would have had enough ammo to get Campbell as well.