NFL Draft Order

Lions pick 8.

Mock draft time!

We’re number 8! We’re number 8! We’re number 8!.. The NFL Draft, where hope springs eternal… sadly a Lions fan’s Superbowl, year after year…

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I don’t know. It’s going to be hard to top this season. We beat the Patriots and swept the Packers.

Im going to assume one OT, Bosa and a QB will go in top 7 based on need and ability.

Pool of players left to me would be C Farrell, J Allen, E Oliver, Greedy, Q Williams, Devin White. Any of those 6 work , and its really likely a pool of Oliver , Greedy, Allen and White, depending if Tampa pimps Greedy.

Im sure this will change, but I would strongly consider White there…best at his position and kill 2 birds w one stone by shifting Davis outside and adding pass coverage at MLB…

Here is how one of the advance scouts summarized White:

"This kid could end up being similar to Ray Lewis. I’d take White over any of the linebackers this year. He’s unbelievable. Unless he gets hurt or completely shuts it down to protect himself, he’ll be the first linebacker drafted next year. He’s the complete package. Great character. He’s the signal-caller of the defense with a super football IQ. He’s big, study, and stout enough for [middle linebacker]. Swift enough for [weakside linebacker], great athlete and coverage instincts. Stacks up the stat boxes, all of them. He’s fast, an explosive tackler, and elite reactionary quickness.

“Right now, he’s among the best and maybe the best I’ve scouted. Better athlete and versatility than [Dont’a] Hightower. More explosive, violent, and bigger than C.J. Mosley, same level of instincts. Better than Jerod Mayo at Tennessee. Bigger than Jonathan Vilma while being more violent and instinctive than D.J. Williams, same kind of freak athlete, explosiveness wise. Thumper like Sean Weatherspoon. Basically he’s a bigger version of Roquan Smith in the 240-250-pound range. He’s FUN to watch. Unbelievable stamina and motor. He could be the best linebacker ever to come out of LSU.”


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Last time the Lions picked 8th. I was just shy of my first birthday

1974 draft - Lions drafted Ed O’Neil, linebacker - Penn State