NFL free agency 2024: Ranking top 25 offensive free agents; WRs, OL dominate

Jonah Jackson listed as No. 25 overall.

I think Detroit will have a number already in mind when they talk to Jonah. This is our number, accept it or we will go to someone else.

They gave Jamaal a number last year. He refused. We signed Montgomery.

I think they focus on being upfront and honest with players. If they aren’t interested in making an offer to one of our own FA’s, I think they will tell them up front.


Jonah also wasn’t selected by this regime. I think they offer a one year prove it deal with incentives or let him walk.


Hasn’t he already been proving it for three years?

The amount of Guards on this list should mean cheaper market for Jonah. Robert Hunt might be a good upgrade though.

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He’ll get overpaid elsewhere. I could be way off but i think he played.the contract game through the season not playing injured because the tape would hurt his FA value. Ragnow played with 4 injuries like a maniac. I think the regime is fine moving on from JJ. I would draft a future center in the first round who could play guard for a season or two for seasoning until Frank calls it a career.

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A Interesting guy Mike Onwenu, plays both Gs Spots and can kick out side.

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I mean the last 2 years he’s proven durability is an issue. Missed 10 games and couldn’t finish 3 other games. That’s gotta be a major factor in negotiations

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