NFL: Games postponed due to COVID-19 infections among unvaccinated players and not rescheduled will count as a loss and players don't get paid

This is gigantic news that has the potential to shift playoff races.

Edit: Any game that gets canceled causes those players to go unpaid:

Imagine being a Cole Beasley who refuses to get vaccinated, gets sick, and causes others to get sick to the point where the game is canceled and nobody gets paid. He’d be run out of town.


As an owner
With a payroll of $250 million
And each game so crucial

And already acknowledging the game itself presents as problematic if Caring about king term health vs maximizing payoff in shorter term as exchange

If it was your money

And your Choice who to hire

How would you feel from
Business perspective owner on vaccines ?

I get it , this can’t be used against player making team but
Jerry Jones already said ….

With expanded playoffs , one more loss could definitely be the difference between hosting a playoff game or not -

Sounds like they have zero patience for those who won’t get vaccinated.

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Well, if a game is cancelled, there is no ticket sales, there is no TV revenue (I assume).

I guess I get it. Boy that is huge news, wow.

Isn’t Taylor Decker an anti-vaxxer. Unless things in his mind changed since this article was published.

An Old Story

This thread won’t last long but while its here:

What will happen if a team loses a bunch of players to COVID is that the league won’t reschedule them and they will force the team to play the game shorthanded. That’s what they did to Denver last year when they had to play without a QB. They could have shuffled the game around but they decided to stick it up Denver’s butt for breaking rules and not being honest to them during the first part of the investigation. A team with a bunch of un-vaccinated players will be on the league’s shit list and get the same treatment.


And lions with coaching staff putting team at disadvantage sill plays -

The question of how many if vaccination rates even low on a team makes case to make sure
Your whole oline or secondary or any one unit
Isn’t totally non vaccinated

And perhaps and argument to keep more vaccinated players on PS do you have enough players to play

Rather than take the losses.

Thread could be interesting
I hope it won’t get locked
It’s up to us !

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There is zero chance this thread stays open. I’ve been here 20 years now and I know people can’t resist.


If anyone can find a betting site that will allow a bet on the Lions getting royally screwed by this . . . let me know, I’m betting the farm . . . or bet the farm that the Cowboys/Packers will get an special exemption.


What will be more interesting is if the players who get COVID-19 are ones who are already vaccinated, but mostly asymptomatic. What will the NFL do then?


So if the game is canceled because of Covid and unvaccinated people, no one gets paid. If the same game is canceled because of vaccinated people testing positive, everyone gets paid.

How many of each determines who’s at fault exactly?


A real slippery slope the NFL is venturing on. What happens if a team of vaccinated players gets an outbreak? I’m sure the league office realizes that the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid or spreading it to others.


Exactly freebird…vaccination does t mean your immune. This rule is horseshit trying to force everyone to get vaccinated. Free will baby


You can still get covid being vaccinated. So if someone gets it and vaccinated then who’s fault is it?

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…smiling and considering how to respond

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Not that NFL can’t be challenged but they gave a strong team of lawyers and offer lucrative contracts to play a kids’ game. They’ve long held leverage against players in negotiations and have always used it to their fullest.

In light of these discussions falling apart as people express their own beliefs and attack others for theirs - I find these logistical angles Intersting

If it’s a slippery slope , their lawyers must’ve been looking at this. The owners have so many millions at stake , losing a game due to non vaccinated outbreak is still different
From having one in vaccinated … assuming vaccinated players/coaches etc still take safety seriously …

So I do see from an owners perspective in their investment and doing everything available to put team in best position to face least disruptions and possible dis advantages - with so few games making each so important , why they’d hire vaccinated players or really feel the unvaccinated player was worth it.

So while it might be a slippery slope , it seems one the nfl billionaire owners have been investigating as a way to go about their business ., suggests they’ll get away with it.

I don’t think anyone is contesting the personal freedom to either get or not get vaccinated.

Yet choices come with consequences, sometimes unseen or unknowable at the time. In this case, the consequences are there in plain sight for the individual player and for each NFL team to see. It’s pretty clear what’s behind door #1 and door #2. Everyone is free to make their choice.

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The “issue” if there is one (I don’t personally care) is that there really isn’t a set of rules and set of consequences that apply to everyone. That’s personal choice and personal freedom. The consequence for getting COVID is X. That’s easy to understand. But we’ve kind of gone in this weird alternate universe where people aren’t immune to COVID but as long as they have taken the vaccine they don’t have to follow “the rules” for catching COVID…or personal contacts.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And to me we’ve set up a super spreader situation because we are trying to get people vaccinated, but in that effort we’ve gone too far with vaccinated people’s “freedoms,” ignoring some of the most basic precautions.