NFL gives 7500 Vaccinated Health Care workers SB tickets

Why not just fill the entire stadium with vaccinated first responders and essential employees. Then section them off by profession.

  1. Health. care

  2. Teachers

  3. First responders

  4. Postal Emoloyees

Anyway I think it’s cool that they did this.


Going to take the contrarian side and say I don’t like it. Wanna give them (tickets) to healthcare workers, please do. I just don’t like the stipulation of the vaccine. Shouldn’t separate folks who have been working along side just because they may not be able to risk the side effects or for whatever reason they opted to not take the vaccine.

Their work is not any less important than those who take the vaccine.

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Any word if they’re going to let them be maskless since they’ve had the vaccine?

This is so awesome. Good thinking by the NFL.


Bravo NFL great move!!!

Counterpoint to this is the NFL wants to limit covid transmission related to their events. Period. Giving priority for free tickets to those who have put themselves at risk and don’t pose a risk to others.

In relation if unable to take vaccine due to potential health risks personally then traveling to the SB is a health risk to others. Same if option was given and choose not to vaccinate for a non health related issue. That person is knowingly putting others at risk too based on what we evidence clearly points to at the moment.

The great thing is everyone has a choice. Don’t want to take vaccine, choose risk of getting covid instead of side effects or another reason, your choice. With choice comes responsibility. NFL deems that irresponsible public health risk to being at their event and asks you to kindly watch at home instead of giving free ticket. Clearly attendees will be in close contact to others in and outside the stadium whose vaccine status is unknown.

Unless they mandate that every other fan in attendance of the game mush have been vaccinated already as a stipulation of being allowed to attend, your counterpoint is not valid.

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I’m sorry, noooope. If you take in all points of my post that’s addressed. Such as what occurs around the event in the city, during travel, etc.

Furthermore the NFL doesn’t have the power to prioritize vaccine distribution. They are giving out these tickets for free to people who already qualified for it. NFL wants health risk as small as possible with stadium as full as possible. And to give back to the community alongside the PR it brings.

I don’t see anyone advocating drinking and driving above the legal limit for good reason. This is a similar but not identical analogy.

Nope. If unless you mandate vaccinations for attendance to the game or festivities, you’re still inviting infections.

You’re trying to have it both ways.

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Holding any big event is inviting infections for unvaccinated people aka the general public. I never said they are erasing all risk. They are reducing. Jfc!!

Hence my 1st sentence… “NFL wants to LIMIT covid transmission”

I can see this thread is heading off the rails already.

I’m just going to close it.