NFL Immaculate Grid

No problem.

Also not sure if everyone knows this but there’s a new one every day. I’m not sure what time it updates but at some point tommorow there will be another one.

CrossoverGridIron #13 @CrossoverGridFB 7 / 9:

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I think we broke the game, all I get is “loading” for today’s.

That’s weird. It’s working for me.


This is all I get.

My first perfect one.

Yeah the rarity things don’t seem to be working at the moment.

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Do you remember the % on the ones we have in common? Barrett, Deion, Barry, LT, Martin it looks like.

CrossoverGridIron #14 @CrossoverGridFB 7 / 9:

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It never loaded for me, so I have no idea.

Also I was going to put Russell Gage if I had remembered his name. I was trying to think of Falcons receivers recently because I knew someone went to the Bucs, and I was like “alright it’s not Julio”. And then I said “wait a second” and put Julio.

Finally got it to load:

Tony Dorsett carried today


Nice! No one’s getting lower than that one lol. Actually I wonder if it’s less than .05% if it will round down to 0%?

Oh, and welcome to the board!

I wasted one of my guesses trying to put Eli Manning where I put LT.

Here’s mine. Good to finally know the Beasley percentage:

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Today’s is easy…for me.

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Anyone topping - or I guess lowering? - .59%?

Most of my basketball knowledge is from the 90s. I had a phase.

Somehow “Your Mom” doesn’t work for the answer.

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Lions back in it today…

Tough Sledding

Mine really struggles to load the photos.