NFL Immaculate Grid

I’m not sure if anyone plays the baseball version of this or even a football version somewhere but I think it’s pretty fun. I’m not super knowledgeable about baseball so I’m strictly playing football and sometimes basketball.

If anyone wants to, feel free to post your completed grids in this thread. I feel like that would be a pretty cool offseason activity.

And for today’s, who played for the Lions and the Bills? I somehow can’t figure that one out.

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Seriously? Speilman


I was thinking more recent players. Not sure why I didn’t go back in time. I feel like an idiot.

I went with Frank Reich, but only got 1.5% lol.


I spent all my guesses wondering why Nick Williams DT didn’t work for Lions /Bears

then I was like duh the guy we just signed like the other day

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Duke and RGIII were good calls. I went with Brissett and Eric Metcalf and got much lower percentages. Swift would have gotten you 65% on the 60+ catches. McNabb was 20% on the Philly/Wash square, and I could only think of Hoyer for Cleveland/Chicago (and that was mostly a guess, lucky to get it right), that one came in at 10%. The rest I had the same.


How the F can I remember RGIII and not chunky soup Mcnabb

Man I hate espn. RGIII is sooo annoying

No idea for Browns/Bears player?

Hoyer was all I could come up with, got 10% for it. I just figured it had to be one of the 100 QBs the Browns have had since they came back into existence.

Was Derek Anderson ever a Bear? Oh, I think Josh McCown might have played for both, but that’s like cheating. He played for everyone.

When in doubt, a journeyman QB is a great guess. Good call

Beat 0.6%

Not sure how I forgot RGIII though

Nope and neither was Terrel Pryor I just looked it up

Edit: I think Otto Graham is the answer lol
Or Curtis Enis

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McCown gets you 34%, hard to imagine anyone higher than that.

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I went Kevin Jones as a bear, and Gus Freritte as a Redskin. I’m so out of the loop on other teams, I could t get any browns/bears/skin mixes.

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Freritte? I’m keeping it.


Wow - didn’t come through, but I had:
Alshon Jeffrey 30
Josh McCown 33
David Montgomery 74
Sonny Jurgenson 0.3
Robert Griffin 32
AP 60
Brian Westbrook - 28
Duke Johnson - 44
Reggie Bush - 19

Don’t pick old-timers!

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That’s the entire reason I decided to go Swift over Bush, even though Bush is hardly an old-timer.

One of my favorite 2nd draft picks from that era 2000-2010 Him and Boss Bailey. I know Kevin Jones was a first rounder but still.

How did I forget that he was a Bear at one time? Wow
Memory not what it used to be…or I just blocked out that 0-16 era lol

Edit: @HSVLion thanks for sharing. Fun website activity. @JD9 check it out

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I just thought of Carson Wentz & DeSean Jackson for Eagles/Skins

I wonder what they woulda got prolly about the same I’d imagine

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