NFL midseason All-Rookie team: Texans shine with C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson, Lions land three honorees

A bit curious that he has only one RB, but two TEs. That’s odd.


Another game and Gibbs would be on this list.


What is funny if you read this board Campbell should be on the bench. And yet I read the ALL Rookie summary and he has not missed a tackle and been solid against the pass…Hmmmmm so which is it? He sucks and should be benched or is he a top rookie? Or some will say both, that the LB class is so bad that a player that should be benched made the all rookie team…LOL


That writer does not know what he is talking about. I mean he only does it for a living. If I was you I would just trust the guys on this board. LOL


I will be interested to see what PFF does with its’ mid-season teams.


Damm alot of players I liked on that list, and Look theres Torrance still doing well, a rookie only 14 pressures and no sacks. I took a lot of shit for liking this guy was told by many that it was mobile QBs making him look good. Now he has 4000 plus snaps still no sacks.

He was a plug and play player witch I tried to say.

O’Cyrus Torrence

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Torrence has been a steady, smooth operator at right guard in Buffalo. He’s transitioned to the pro game as seamlessly as he did going from Louisiana to Florida in 2022. Blessed with long levers, a wide and powerful frame, along with impressive feet for his size, Torrence has allowed 14 pressures on 341 pass-blocking snaps and has been an assignment-sound run-blocker, helping Buffalo to clearly improve on the ground from where its rushing attack was a season ago.


OCyrus and Dawand Jones

What a heavy weight combo

Same. Even late round guys like Pace and Howden

Achane. Sydney Brown.
Skoronski. Spoon. Addison
Carter. Will Anderson
Lions 4 Laporta, Branch, Gibbs, Campbell

We did a good job evaluating IMO


I campaigned a bit myself. In fact I liked him slightly more than Skoronski, however my guess was Skoronski was going to be gone WAAAYYYYYY before I felt the Lions should address the thought of a lineman.

You didn’t take a lot of shit for liking him. Everyone liked him to some extent. You took a lot of shit for taking quantitative, non-evaluative metrics out of context to make them qualitative. But we’ve gone round and round on this and I have no interest anymore.

I’m also one of the people you think “didn’t like” him, and yet I had him ranked higher than he went. I liked him better than the NFL. I just didn’t want to draft him where he was often mocked.

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I doubt very seriously f the writer has reviewed Jack Campbell’s every play, missed tackles is one stat, however, what is not tracked is mental errors and the times you don’t get there to make the tackle, the time you are out of position on a pass play etc. true 1st round draft picks will have that GOOD GAME, stat wise and to the eyes. Anzalone had that against the Raiders and Campbell was in the same game, he was not good.

That writer does not know what he is talking about. I mean he only does it for a living. If I was you I would just trust the guys on this board. LOL

He writes for a living he doesn’t evaluate football player for a living, he may not have played a down of football. This is how Chris Trapasso describes hisself:

I’ve been a proud Bleacher Report writer since the site’s early days in 2008.

At the inception of the Featured Columnist program in the summer of 2009, I was fortunate enough to be a named the first FC of the Buffalo Bills.

Since then, my tenure with B/R has included positions as a NFL Contract Writer, NFL Team Leader, member of the famed Trends and Traffic Team and most recently, a full-time NFL Beat Writer.

On a personal note, I grew up a Bills and Sabres fan. However, stealing from my former B/R colleague Nate Dunlevy “I care far more about being right, being accurate and being entertaining and educational than I do advocating a partisan viewpoint.”

You can consider me a golf and NFL draft devotee, as well.

I’m a Pro Football Writers of America member and a staff writer for

He has risen through the ranks based on his ability to relate NFL/ Football stories, not on his ability to evaluate players, He is more of a writer than an analyst, he’s no Mel Kiper.

Was right with you him and had him in a ton of my mocks. Carter will always be the big missed opportunity.

It has less to do with Campbell thriving - he’s been fine, especially for a rookie - as it does a scarcity of options at the position. Very few rookie LBs have done anything.

I remember in years past we would have been happy to land one player on a list every three years. Now we have three players in just one year.

The times sure are changing

Your board seems to have changed.

How did Jack Campbell get on that list?


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Best house in a bad neighborhood?

Let’s also not lose sight of the fact that Buffalo asks their guards to do a lot less than we ask our guards to do (in terms of movement). This is one of the biggest reasons to not like Torrence for the Lions. He went to a team that doesn’t ask him to do things he isn’t good at. We would’ve.

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In some cases, I would agree with you. Not in this case. Most national writers aren’t sitting down and watching film of Detroit Lions rookie LB Jack Campbell. There simply isn’t time for it. I’d wager that most on this board have a more realistic picture and opinion of our players than some rando national writer.


No, it didn’t.

During the draft process I put out a loooooong list of OL who gave up between 0 and 2 sacks over their college careers, none of whom amounted to anything in the league. I did this to show that it was a bad metric for evaluating OL. You ignored it back then, so be it. But it is proof that “4000 snaps in college” can, in fact, be wrong.

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