NFL needs to release the audio

Is this going to happen? Probably not. Theyll do anything they can to protect the refs, their incompetence, and their ability to put their thumb on the scales of the league.

But this audio needs to be released. Let’s hear what was said between Decker and the official. Was it just incompetence on the part of the official, or was this worse?


On the one hand, after the debacle in the 2014 playoff game, the NFL did come out and admit its’ mistakes, but that’s because they were captured on film for all to see.

On the other hand, having lied, I can’t see Allen recanting and owning up to his mistake unless there is an audio which contradicts him. If the audio proves he lied, Allen should be barred from any playoff games.


If audio proves he lied he should never be allowed to ref another game in his life, not even Pop Warner.


The NFL won’t do shit, they’ll stick with what that idiot Brad Allen said in the pool report.

What’s really annoying is that the pool report seems to have happened before the Lions talked about it, so Allen wasn’t asked about Campbell explaining the situation before the game, or even whether it’s possible that a mistake could have been made.

The Lions just have to use it as fire for the game against Philly if that’s how the playoffs shake out. That game should be at Ford Field and the players will be keenly aware of that.


That’s the fan reaction, but I’m trying to be realistic here. Allen isn’t going to get fired for his mistake. Indeed, when has an NFL official EVER been fired for a mistake?

And, this isn’t the first time the Lions have been involved in a controversy over communication with an official. This one went the Lions way:

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Agree, they won’t do squat.

Blatant screw job. The NFL should be ashamed. Release the audio!

There is no way the league can make the Lions whole here. So they will just wait until it goes away.

I was thinking about this a bit, and I sure hope Decker was mic’ed up for this game. How timely and valuable would that be? Lol

Wether lie or incompetence…get rid of him forever

Everything I’ve read and seen says you are incorrect. If decker is eligible, he’s effectively a tight end on the play. He actually needs to be uncovered. There’s many videos out now explaining how the lions lined up exactly how they should and the refs screwed up.

I agree with this, and will also say to the people that keep trying to point out another penalty…it doesn’t matter. If they didn’t throw a flag for it then it is not a penalty, just like the non-call on the St Brown mugging a few plays earlier. Therefore, all we can do is refute the thing they actually called as a penalty

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He wasn’t covered up

I know, that is what I’m saying. If decker is rightly deemed eligible, he has to not be covered. They lined up correctly to decker being eligible.