NFL network: Lions vs Vikings 2021

Man, re-watching that was a reminder of why Dan was super frustrated with Jared. Of course, that was the game where Goff makes the big, game winning throw. But two plays before that, Goff commits a nearly unforgivable delay of game on THIRD DOWN and 1 with 24 seconds left. The play before that, he almost threw a pick that ARSB knocked from the defenders arms.

Throughout that entire game, Goff was soooo shaky. It was hard to watch, even knowing the outcome.

And maybe this is why NFL network is replaying it, but it really feels like Jared Goff grew up in that single moment, with 4 seconds left on 4th and 2.

And by the way, let’s appreciate that they were 0-10-1 at that moment. They hadn’t won since WEEK 13 of the previous season.

And a handful of weeks ago, we were in the NFC championship—which we should’ve won.

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We have to give credit to whomever selected the same color jersey and pants combo. Little did we know back then how important it was!


That was the game where Amon and Goff clicked. Amons breakout game

Goff had a nice game 300 yards 3 TDs and a few big time throws. But that late pick seemed like it would be a killer

Cousins was carving us up that game