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I caught a guy saying on NFL Network Hutchinson compares to Kwitty Paye I don’t think he went #2 overall. I will have to watch the combine to hear and see what is being said

Ouch - Plz don’t be true

I get the comparison. They both came from Michigan. Both have high motors and win off effort etc.

But they’re not the same player. Paye is more athletic than Hutch but also more raw.

Paye had a good bull rush, used his hands well but didn’t have an arsenal of pass rush moves. He also didn’t stack moves. Paye also only had one double digit sack year.

Hutch had two double digit sack years and I think he would have had 3 had he not been injured. Hutch is far more ready for the NFL than Paye was.

I knew Paye would have some early struggles in the NFL but he progressed down the stretch and finished pretty well with 4 sacks and 39 pressures. He’s going to get better the more he develops.

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There may have been more than 1 person make a comparison…
but the guy I heard on NFL Network was saying that Hitch would “test” in a similar way as Kwity did a year ago… most notably in that he has run a very good 3-cone previously.
I think he also mentioned the 4.6-ish time in the 40 and the 30+ reps on bench he is expected to get.

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I’m a big Hutch fan, but he didn’t have 2 double digit sack years. Not even close to that. He had 14 sacks last year and his next best college season was 4.5 sacks in 2019.


I was about to say the same thing plus at Michigan Paye best sack numbers were 6.5, so he never had a double-digit sack year


I don’t see the Kwitty Paye comparison AT ALL. Seems like a lazy comparison, like just pick a guy that recently played at Michigan and that’s who Hutch compares to.

They are different in size, build, game, moves, etc…almost nothing alike other than they both played at Michigan and were DE’s.


I hope Brad and Dan don’t pay attention to the sports media. The media hates Detroit almost as much as the NFL.

I am pretty sure they don’t. They are too busy reading the Den. :grin:


Clues to tip you off they are following my advice
-We trade for Javonte Williams
-Fox starts at QB
-Fox starts at Safety