NFL pushes trade deadline back one week

The NFL’s trade deadline will be pushed back one week in 2024. The league announced on Tuesday that this year’s deadline will fall on the Tuesday following Week 9 (November 5).

The deadline had been one week earlier in previous years, and a December report indicated a change was unlikely. However, the Browns and other teams proposed pushing it back two weeks to accommodate the expansion of the regular season to 17 games (and the hypothetical move to an 18-game slate in the future). Little support seemed to emerge for that plan.

A compromise in the form of delaying the deadline by one week emerged, although debate continued over whether any change was necessary. Given today’s news, though, enough opinions were swayed to approve the middle ground solution. Any rule changes require the support of at least 24 of the NFL’s 32 owners to attain ratification.

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Good. I was hoping for even later though

I say let people trade up until the end of the regular season, but if they’re traded onto the team after the date mentioned here, they can’t play in the playoffs.

Lions advocated for two weeks:

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