NFL Ready

Probably from our draft it is Arnold, but I would put Mahogany next. I was OK with using future draft capital, going CB 1 and 2, taking a shot at a monster OT…I was OK with how the entire thing broke down and what it took to get us there. No grade, although it looks good on paper. I was really concerned about making sure that the OL was adequately backed up, it appears they covered that. Still a little concerned about OC, but we’re in a better spot than we were starting last season with re to depth.

This TEAM is NFL ready everywhere you look. Between FA and the draft we are ready to hit the ground running.


You’re jumping the Chark, imo.


That’s the biggest area of concern. DPJ and Antoine Green may be a bigger part of their plans than some of us think.

I for one hope they make a small splash in FA for a reliable veteran like Tyler Boyd or Chark.


Chark knows the system. Seems like a no-brainer to get him back here. Can he stay healthy is the concern.


We signed a UDFA center… I know he’s a UDFA and they rarely hit, but man I loved him pre-draft. Bryan Hudson from Louisville. He fits us to a T from a football character perspective, really, really good athlete for the position. Needs to gain some weight but he’s got the frame to (I think he’s like 6’5, 305). The guy’s a legendary worker in the Louisville program and coupled with legit NFL athleticism and the frame to grow, I would actually be surprised if he didn’t make it.

I think we’ll also cross-train Sorsdal at center.

Right, we got the OC from Duke as well but I have less enthusiasm for them. At this point we used to try and get starters during final cuts, fortunately we are now looking for depth. With re to WR’s I have put Chark out there plenty but I don’t see any reason to hurry. I am higher on Zylstra than probably anyone on this board, former WR and had a higher blocking grade than Wright. I think Mitchell should be placed on the PS and I would really love a HB/FB that can block and catch.

The OC from UCLA named Duke, right? Yeah I wasn’t nearly as impressed with him, though he was very similar to Evan Brown so maybe we kinda like that type? Itty bitty arms though (like Brown).

Yes, arms were like 31?

Right, which is all-time outlier territory. Even Linderbaum had longer arms and that was his one knock.

Tyler with 1 arm was worth drafting.

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Is he willing to take a reasonable contract is my concern. He’s a great fit


Ha, agreed.

That’s why you wait. If he goes elsewhere so be it, you wait and incentivize the shit out what he ends up signing.

I really do not expect any of our rookies to start immediately. I suspect we will bring them all along slowly.

I think we’ve been trying to find and develop some late round OL help. Every year we seem to draft these types. Are we looking for the diamond in the rough or just hoping to find some cheap depth.

I still think we’re too thin at WR. We’re thin enough that it could derail our entire season. I’d feel better if we land another quality free agent WR. Someone like Chark would really help this team.

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Farm boy from Kentucky, what else is there to say about his character?

I don’t know. I saw Justified.

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Great show.

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I think we can run all day.

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