NFL to allow players to opt out of 2020 season?

After several weeks of negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA, it appears the two sides have come to an agreement on the idea of letting players opt out. According to, the league and the union intend to give the players the option to sit out, which is potentially huge because it means that any player on any team could choose to skip the 2020 season without facing any sort of penalty.
The other big question is how teams will handle the contract of any player who decides to sit out. One option would be to have the contract basically stay the same with everything moving forward one year – but no decisions have been made.

Oh-oh. Doesn’t sound like there’s gonna be NFL football this year, and if there is it might not be quite the same.

ESPN is showing corn hole tournaments, the public will watch anything with the name football in it.

Nows are chance boys. Hope you guys have been training.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a market for what most of us bring to the football field anymore!
Not even in these desperate times. LOL

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Like I said before, this is the year the Lions win the Super Bowl and there’s a big * on the season and nobody will call it legit …
Makes sense no? :crazy_face:

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Gameday is no stage for politics. If any person wants to support the cause of their choice on personal time. I don’t care. I just want to our linebackers make someone cry.

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What’s that got to do with opting out due to COVID?

I know :joy:. I was in the wrong thread.


This was already pretty much known.

You can already see it in college with the Ivy League postponing all sports until 2021 and The Big Ten narrowing their schedule to just conference games.

This is all leading down a path of no fall sports in 2020, little by little more and more restrictions will be added until they likely just wind up cancelling everything, just like a more drawn out version of what happened in late February and early March. I’d be shocked if football finishes their season and I’d be surprised if it even starts.

I’m pretty confident I could be the league’s oldest punter, if it comes down to fans :wink: LOL

They’re just gonna play the Benny Hill theme song, while we are running plays. It may get better ratings than the real stuff. Have to build in lots of extra injury timeouts. LOL.

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Bro, I will take a SB win with the fattest asterisk that has ever existed at this point! I’ll take anything!


If the linemen opt out because of the obesity risk, do they go to 2 hand touch, or no rushing the passer?

Clearly, given the level of pornsite traffic, America will watch anything with cornhole in the name.


The article didn’t answer what I think is the biggest question.

If a player sits out, will be get his base salary for the season?

If the answer is no, I would imagine a lot of players simply couldn’t afford to sit out an entire season without pay.

If the answer is yes, then why the hell would any player put themselves at risk. Just sit out, and still get paid.

I also found it interesting that they said the top 6 to 8 rows in the stadiums would be blocked off. What kind of social distancing sense does that make. If anything, block off the bottom 6 to 8 rows to increase the distance between the fans and the teams, and then block off 4 seats between available seating, staggered by rows. They should make the seating so that no 2 people are sitting within 10 feet of each other, plus require them to wear masks.

that’s some shit “hey are you going to play or sit this one out ?” “hey yo I’ll sit.” “now pay me my motherf^&ing money.”

“where’s my check?”

I can’t imagine a player getting their base salary if they sit out the season. In most cases they’d get cut from the team so that the team has no liability to pay them, except for the guaranteed part of the contract… Assuming the games are played, each team would have to assess who is worth the money to keep and who isn’t. And i would think those things will have to be hashed out in one quick hurry before TC starts, if there is a TC.


I am really interested to understand how that works

I think it would piss fewer people off if they just canceled the season than if they played it with most of the big names sitting out and scrubs playing

Foosball World Championship? I doubt that would be possible though. The Patriots probably spin the handles.

If I’m a NFL vet who has invested wisely and can afford to not play for a season, no way I play in this reckless environment.

Unfortunately, some players really need the cash so I suspect they will. I really prefer they cancel the season but the Big Networks will push for several reasons

  1. The billions they’ve spent on the NFL
  2. No audience to sell advertisement in the event there’s no NFL
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Does anyone else remember that ‘Madden Nation’ show that was on TV a few years ago? It was essentially the best Madden video game players in a tournament style thing. It feels like there is an opportunity for something similar now with everyone so hungry for sports. I pretty much only watch sports on TV, but who knows what I might turn to if this lack of football stretches through the whole season…

Maybe this already exists on Twitch or something, I don’t know. But it feels like it might make the jump to ESPN if they have nothing to show…

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