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Titans just robbed the Chargers


Am I reading things right with the OLB Marcus Golden? He’s drafted by the Cardinals. A few years later he signs a 1 year deal with the Giants. The following year he signs another 1 year deal with the Giants, but now the Cardinals have sent a draft pick to the Giants to get Golden back?

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Definitely a good trade for the Titans.

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Can we give griffen back after that loss?

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I wish.

I’d love to have the pick back for our next GM to see what he can do with it over a guy that won’t be here next year.

check out the Aug 9 transaction we made with the Pats… we must pick before the 2021 draft even starts! Great deal!

Chargers must have felt that they could not resign him after this year. Kinda hard to believe that’s the best they could get for a former all pro.

I’d liked to have believed that with his Detroit connections that the Lions might have been a good place for him.

It also suggests perhaps that the Chargers plan on being buyers in free agency. Otherwise they would have likely gotten a higher comp pick out of King I’d think. I imagine that he’ll sign for quite a bit.