NFL trade deadline winners, losers: 49ers purchase Nick Bosa insurance

Loser: Chicago Bears

Just what are the 2-6 Bears doing?

Instead of moving star cornerback Jaylon Johnson after he requested a trade, Bears general manager Ryan Poles sent a second-round draft pick to Washington for Montez Sweat, who will become an unrestricted free agent this offseason. That pick currently is slotted at No. 35 overall.

If the Bears don’t re-sign Sweat this offseason, this will go down as one of the worst trade-deadline moves in league history. Even if they do agree to an extension, couldn’t they have waited a few months and not wasted a pick?

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Yeah… I think there is a difference between ‘The Bears’ as an overall organization with goals from the fans/ownership and ‘The Bears’ as a construction of Poles and Eberflus.

To ownership/fans, this seems like a short-sighted move, considering it’s a half-season rental (in a season that is going very poorly). A second round pick is a very high cost for that kind of move.
However, to Poles and Eberflus, they are hoping it can get them a couple of extra wins and help them keep their jobs. I assume they believe they can re-sign Sweat. But who can guarantee that? If you were Sweat, and you had your choice of several teams after the season, would YOU pick the Bears?

I mean, money talks, so maybe they can re-sign him. But it’s a pretty big head-scratcher for sure.

Franchise him. The issue with that is they are losing the right to do so with Jaylon Johnson. He’s the big winner here as he now hits the open market and probably gets 4/80m or something like that.

Being a bit of a Kocurek fan, I’m borderline anxious to see what he’s able to do with Young.

Exactly! He’s not going to change the outcome of their season in a meaningful way.
At best, he gets them the #3 or 4 OA pick, instead of #1.
There is zero chance of them making a playoff run because they went out and got a hired gun.
When FA comes and he has a choice between Detroit and Chicago, guess who he’s going to choose?
Money will be in play, but, our Coaching staff and winning ways will weigh in at least as heavily as money.
From my POV, if a player chooses a few dollars over winning, let them have the money.

We are truly blessed to have Poles and Kwasi in the same division. Couple that with GB in a state of flux. We should rule this division for a while.

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